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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Frog Girl Is Coming

Errr. This is not the Frog girl. This is a gratuitous picture of my Baby Angel on her way to a 70's fancy dress party. OK I admit it. We didn't put a lot of time and thought into the costume or we would have found much bigger flares. I took the cheats way out and went through my trusty bags of 'costumes' aka clothes I no longer wear and keep for just this purpose. She may not have the flower-power look but I'm pretty sure I wore stuff like this towards the end of the 70s.

But now it's time for the Exchange Student Update!

On Saturday I got an email telling us that, if we were still willing, a young French man would be assigned to us. The BA was beside herself with excitement. We emailed the family and waited.

Monday morning I checked my email to find that everything had changed again and we were now getting a 16 year old girl! We had kind of got used to the idea of having a boy so we had to do a bit of head stretching again to take on board this new concept. The BA immediately found the young lady on facebook and was overcome with self conciousness.
"Mum, eeeeek, she is sooooooo prettttttyyyyyyyy! Do you think she'll like me?"

I must admit she is a lovely looking girl, but I am mildly worried that she seems a lot more sophisticated than the BA. I mean, there's a big difference between 'just' 15, and 16. We're pretty sure she smokes, from her photos, but then we were warned by the school that many of the French students do. Oh well, she can join Himself out on the balcony with his cigars. :-) Perhaps the chilly weather will discourage her?

The plan is that the students accompany their host sisters to school for some of the visit and go on pre arranged trips with their cohort for other days. We have yet to receive the itinerary. They're with us for three weeks and then off on a trip to the Flinders and Uluru I think. We're supposed to take her out on the weekends and show her a bit of Aussie life. She says her passion is surfing so I hope she brings a wetsuit!! I expect I shall have to find somewhere to rent a board??

The Ba is excited and I am nervous. How will she cope with our cold house? No central heating in this neck of the woods. How will she cope with the boys? Especially No2 Son who is slightly eccentric. I hope Himself can keep his colourful language in check for the duration; but then if she doesn't speak English maybe it doesn't matter?

Hmm. I'm pretty sure the first words you remember in any language are the swear words.

Oh well. Vive le France!!!!!!


natalie said...

Right in this moment, I would give away my retirement savings (all $25 of it!) to be there with you!!! You make me laugh so hard. I can't wait to see this adventure with the visiting student unfold. If she's only there three weeks, she really can't do THAT much damage to the BA...and perhaps she'll even reform No 2 and Small Boy. Perhaps No 2 will fall in love with her and follow her back to France and be out of your hair forever!!! :)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we should get one of those. Oh wait, I forgot...I can barely keep track of my own kids...

When does she come? And what a lot of ups and downs! Hope it goes smoothly, but no matter how sophisticated she is, she's ultimately a young teenage girl far away from her family. I'm sure BA's worries are unfounded anyway but if it makes any difference, my gal's closest school friend looks SO different on facebook than what she really seems like in person.

Laine Moore said...

The plot thickens! This should be interesting! She might be used to the cold...most French/German homes have radiators which are not that great really. 3 weeks is manageable though, I was thinking you would have her/him all year!

Suzer said...

Hun do you even realise how lucky you are that you are not getting a teenage french boy??