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Friday, 4 June 2010

Team Up Thursday: Lunch

After a little bit of a hiatus last week, JoLyn has worked her magic yet again to create something lovely out of my very ordinary offering.

It was 'Lunch' this week and, having come to terms with the unsuitability of my camera for macro shots, I decided against trying to capture food and went searching for a different kind of 'lunch' instead.

I had intended to take a photo at school as lunch time is full of opportunities. There is the litter, the mass of heads in the Shed area or on the lawn, the frenzy of the indoor football courts and of course the squashed food of all varieties, ground into the bitumen. I am still tempted to try and take some of these shots, just for my own satisfaction. But yesterday was another one of 'those' days and it had flown past before I realised that I'd forgotten to take any photos. Oh, and I was on duty on the indoor sport area and that kind of ties you down....

So I found this shot instead. It's taken at a friend's magnificent property, in between Kangarilla and McLaren Vale, here, in the rural edges of Adelaide. You can't quite see it here, but their view goes out to the coast. Not bad ey? Although it did take some fairly hairy trekking over hills and ridges in a 4WD to get to this spot.

My friend (the blonde) whom I've known since school has always been a country girl and until recently lived on an enormous property, of Baz Luhrman-like proportions, near Broken Hill. After nearly 10 years of drought they'd had enough. They sold the place to the wild life heritage people in the government, sold the sheep and bought this beautiful property only 40mins from the heart of Adelaide. They run a few cows but most of their livlihood here comes from water. Ironically, after their long battle with drought, they now sell water from their bores to surrounding farmers and vine growers.

So that was lunch for us on Easter Day 2007. JoLyn teamed it beautifully with the mouthwatering sheen of strawberries and chocolate and we just made it to your screens this week! For more delightful duos, check out Team Up Thursday over at Melody and Megan's.


Amy Jo said...

Now I'm hungry for nutella and to travel! Love love love!

Stacy said...

What a great property! That is so different that they sell their water for a livelihood, but guess that is a pretty good deal for them.

carrie said...

that would be a perfect picnic indeed! mmmm....amazing views, fantastic food, and fun ladies!

that property is amazing! I would be there having lunch every single day.

Arizaphale said...

Stacy: Ha! Perhaps you could sell your water too???? Pipeline to Australia? :-D
Carrie: as I said...it was a bit of a trek to get there :-D

jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today---I enjoyed reading down your blog for a while!

Hope you're out of the black hole! I'm sending my oldest to high school next year, and I just really hope he can be a student who doesn't suck the life out of the teachers! ;-) I am thankful to be on summer break now. I need a break----it was getting hard to be a "good" teacher as we were all worn out here at the end.

Have a good weekend! (I guess yours is half over, though!)

Maggie said...

YUM YUM YUM! Both of these shots make me want to stop and eat RIGHT NOW!