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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Brief Coo-ee In The Midst Of Reports

Gee I hate reports. What teacher doesn't I guess? But I really hate secondary reports that have a number attached; a number which is supposed to summarise ability, motivation, application and achievement and which,of course, really tells you not very much at all. Oh and I really hate Care Group reports (which we are obliged to produce every term) which detail whether a student is punctual, wears the uniform correctly and is positively involved in the life of the school. Four times a year?? I mean, how many ways can you say 'neat, punctual, does his best', especially when you only ever see them for 10 minutes in the morning at roll call!??

But I gotta suck it up so I 'll probably be pulling an all-nighter to finish everything by tomorrow morning. :-(

Meanwhile, La Jeune Fille is relaxing into our madhouse and seems to be enjoying herself.

She finally emerged from the bedroom on Sunday at around 2.30pm. As a result she was bright eyed and bushy tailed well into the night so we made her play cards (our favourite...Racing Demons) and then made her teach us a French card game (Batteile). Himself even played, which was predictably hilarious. It's amazing how multi-cultural laughter is!

On Sunday she was up by 10am and after a Gorge walk with Himself and the BA, they accompanied A Free Family to the football to see my beloved Roosters being thrashed by A Free Man's carelessly chosen Tigers. According to Himself La JF is quite a good kick and picked up handballing technique with ease.

Again she was up bright and early this morning to accompany the BA to school and catch up with the rest of the French students as they too came in for classes. This afternoon as I picked the two of them up they were shrieking with laughter and LJF was actually using English in sentences! So. Progress.

I'll see you on the other side of Report Mountain!!!!


Prof J said...

Great to hear she is settling in and getting on so well with BA. I'm sure J would be happy to meet up and have another chat before she returns home.

Stacy said...

That's wonderful that she is getting into the groove of your household and that she and BA are getting on well.

Card games are quite universal and multicultural. One time a friend of ours was dating an Italian gal that could barely speak English and she taught us a card game, too. It helped that she and I both knew a little French, but her English was non-existant. Still it was a fun evening!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh ick! That's the great thing about preschool - only two progress reports per school year! Granted there are six different levels for fifty different categories on each one, but it's still better than four times a year.

Sounds like your visitor is having a great time!

Elisa said...

So glad La Jeune Fille is adjusting well!
I hope the laughter continues - how fun that must be to see them enjoying each other's company! :-)

Over her Ma Jeune Fille is suffering greatly (as are we) with her "Re-Entry" into our universe where, shockingly enough, the world does not revolve around her. This might be a very long summer....and I hate that thought. I want to enjoy our time together because it is more fleeting the older they get. But I am not willing to let her rule the roost just to keep peace. So, it may be a rocky road but we'll survive!!! :-)