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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Biting Off more Than I Can Chew: Annie The Musical

This second week of the holidays has seen the real start of rehearsals for the musical. About 40 kids and 5 teachers have been meeting in at school daily and the really hard yakka of blocking scenes, setting choreography and rehearsing the orchestra has started.

For my part, I am officially; Stage Manager, Costumes, Props and Assistant Director. Now you see where the title for this post comes in.

It started sensibly enough, I was Stage Manager and Costumes; that's what I did last time. The role of SM doesn't really start till you get into the theatre so before hand I was concentrating on costumes and just getting a basic idea of the show so I could work out the cues. This time somehow they've discovered my background in theatre and so I have been asked to block scenes and do character workshops as well. How I got landed with props I am not sure.

The thing is, I love it and would cheerfully give it my all. Unfortunately there are other areas of my life which require attention too. Marking exams for one (no I haven't done that yet :-( despite talking about it for the last week), what I'm going to teach next term for another, Kidzone at church, my family........oh and the house.

Which is why I was awake the other morning at 4am having a panic attack. But never fear, I have plans to off load some of this responsibility. If I have learned anything over the years it is how to delegate. And not a WORD out of you mother. This is one of the times I'm glad you DON'T comment very often.


A Free Man said...

I'm positive that you can handle it. If anyone can handle it, you can handle it!

Gawlerites said...

Why do you not employ mumford??????

carrie said...

Oh I hope you really do delegate some of it - and then will you kindly explain to me know - how you do that?

Andi said...

The word DELEGATE was in my head the entire time as I read this post, and then of course you do mention it yourself...I certainly hope you take your own advice. AFM is right, you would be the one who is certainly able to handle such! But should you have to? I know from my own inability to say no to things, and the idea that if you want something done (correctly or at all) do it yourself (huh...didn't I read THAT around here somewhere also???)just how overwhleming living like that can be...PLEASE take care of yourself, and by all means DELEGATE to others. Something has to give! (I know this too which is why my HOUSE is usually in a state of unpleasant disarray.) Many prayers and best wishes for a wonderful show...I know it will be fabulous. But don't forget to rest, take a deep breath, and get some sleep somewhere in the midst of all that work! :)

Anna at Hank and Willie said...

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You're only a day away! :)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh my gosh! Just reading all that is giving me a panic attack! Good luck! Especially on the delegating! And funny about the mom comment (or non-comment as the case may be).

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