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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Crafty Tuesday: Baby Cardigan

It's Crafty Tuesday again and I have finally finished the cardigan for my friend Oustiti's little baby Rosalie who was born in February. I sincerely hope it will still fit her :-)

I was pretty happy with the way it turned out although it came from the pattern book from Hell, as my Mum will attest. After a while you just have to figure out the pattern and stop looking at the book or your eyes start rolling around in opposite directions!

This particular cotton yarn is wonderful to work with I find. After I'd finished knitting I washed it and it was sooooo soft. I am hoping it will be just right for a European summer.Now to get started on something for A Free Man and Dr O'C's baby, although perhaps I should wait and see if it's a boy or a girl.

Back to the salt mines tomorrow. But before I get stuck into it, I'm clicking over to Carrie's for Crafty Tuesday. Why not join me?


HipMomma said...

Oh, I LOVE it! It's so beautiful. Nice job. I'm still stuck on basic knitting so I'm on my third scarf. But I found this great yarn that was on sale and I still can't believe it. It's seems to hard to move on to more difficult things. Adorable sweater.

Elisa said...

Beautiful! You are quite the talented woman!!

Good luck heading back into the trenches tomorrow! And as they try your patience, just put on a humored little grin and think to yourself, "This is going to make a GREAT blog post!" lol

carrie said...

OH. It is so beautiful. You can SEE the softness! That is just amazing. My mom is an amazing knitter/crocheter but it is something I really struggle with. But I can admire lovelies like yours!

Stacy said...

Oh, that is so beautiful! I love the pattern in it. Wonderful job! It's sure to become a treasured gift. :)

I have never tried my hand at knitting, and it seems a bit hard...especially with those types of patterns. My aunt told me about a project she did that took her AGES to complete due to the intricate pattern. I look forward to seeing it, but know that I don't think I have the patience for it right now.

Arizaphale said...

Girls All: I encourage you all to have a go at knitting, it really is very satisfying and, unlike sewing, you can pull it out if you make a mistake :-)
I started with a ridiculously complex pattern (blackberry stitch) which my grandma refused to knit for me. She said she would help me but that I needed to do it myself. It took me over 9 months to knit and it didn't even have sleeves! One day I must find a picture and post it. After that I moved onto simpler things and then built up again. I did quite a bit of 'picture' knitting at one time and then tried cables and finally this kind of fancy schmancy stuff. The thing is, the more you do the more you want to challenge yourself. My grandma has been dead for over 20 years now but I would like to think she is proud of the love for knitting she inspired in me.

A Free Man said...

The preponderence of (uninformed) opinion is that we're having a girl. We're counting on you for homemade knits as we don't know very many other crafty people.

natalie said...

LOVE IT! Oh, how I wish I could tell you that I was having a baby so I could have one!

Maggie said...

You MADE this?! Holy cow -- it is GORGEOUS!!