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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Theme Thursday: Silly

You see this?

This is silly.

This is booking a ticket ONLINE to see Harry Potter AND PAYING .......for the wrong night. The BA will not even be back from Sydney tomorrow and The Small Boy (whose birthday it is) will be celebrating with his Mum!!!!!! >:-(

****(insert expletive of your choice)

I hit that 'Purchase Now' button a nano second before my brain suggested I check my booking details.

Too late.

Have you read their exchange and refund policy?????


And of course the booking office is closed now so I can't call til the morning. :-(

Anyone wanna buy 4 tickets to Harry Potter for Friday night in Adelaide? I'll let you have 'em for $15.00 each ;-D

Check out Theme Thursday over at Cheese Party. Hopefully noone has been quite THIS silly!!!


Andi said...

What?! Oh no!!! How horrible...I HATE that feeling when you press a button, and wish instantly that you could undo it. Maybe someone you know will take the tickets for you. Hope you get it all figured out and SB has a lovely birthday! :)

Amy Jo said...

Oh my god! How awful! I've made online mistakes before as well. I hope you can resolve things without too much loss, financially speaking.

Elisa said...

I know that feeling....the same one as you are closing the front door and realize at the very last second - too late - that you don't have your keys in your hand!

1) because of the money
2) because you aren't going to be seeing it tomorrow!


carrie said...

Man. We ARE going to see it Friday night - but it might be a bit of a commute to make it THERE to see it!

Laine Moore said...

aw I would love to buy those off you and take our niece and nephew but can't tonight :(

what a bummer

Stacy said...

Oh, so frustrating for you!

I had to order two movie tickets for the same night one time. Our sitter FORGOT, so by the time I called her and she got to our house we couldn't make the time. We couldn't get a refund for the earlier one either. I was not a happy camper!

susiej said...

OH geesh. What a hassle... I would have trusted them to get it right... I wouldn't have checked.

A Free Man said...

I did that once with two plane tickets. From Gatwick to Orlando. So, don't feel too stupid.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh no! And WOW! I thought going to the movies HERE was expensive!

AFM - The-guy did that on plane tickets once too. Luckily it was only a day early and they let me take it as a "sick day" at work!