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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Day One Completed

I have survived the first day back, mainly by spending most lessons talking about the holidays :-)
Now to finish marking the Year 9 exams and I can start to think about this term.

The conference was riveting. So much so that I was able to mark the Year 8 exams whilst listening to the three, count them, three keynote speakers. And the people who introduced them. And the people who thanked them and gave them gifts. I swear some of the introductions were as long as the speeches.

Teachers really make the worst audiences. At one point as the speaker was going on and on and on about the kids of today I texted three of the other teachers in the auditorium...

"Do u kno what is wrong with the kids of 2day? Technology! That's what!"

Lame Arizaphale. Very lame. Shows how bored we were :-)

OK. Exams! Here I come!!!!!!


Elisa said...

I LOVE that you texted during the conference - too funny!!!

Well, hey, the conference was good for something....you got your exams graded! :) And maybe even snuck in a nap!

Stacy said...

Welcome back to school!

Oh, I abhor conferences. I get so bored and then my back hurts from the hard chairs and the rooms are always FREEZING. *sigh* So glad I talked my boss out of sending me to my annual conference this year. ;)

BTW, luv ur text ;)

Arizaphale said...

Elisa: eeeeeeek . How did you know?

Stacy: we had the opposite problem sitting up in the rowdy back stalls with all the PE teachers...it was stiflingly hot!!!

Kevin C Jones said...

I frequently catch the heads or tails of the Address to the Press Gallery by various speakers. There is a new reality TV show about public speaking on 7 which might have a lookin.

Andi said...

Welcome back to school!!
I have a little bit more time than I thought before I start the year- due to system budget cuts, teachers are being furloughed for two of our pre-planning days and one more in October. Oh well.

At least you did not open a newspaper widely in front of you and share it with others sitting near...I have seen someone do just that at a conference. Something so obvious made me quite uncomfortable, but I have no problem with discreet ways to entertain yourself. Grading exams is the perfect thing to do, and texting! Sheer genius. Teachers really do make the worst audiences. :)