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Thursday, 1 May 2008

On Track So Far

So yesterday was good-ish.

Year 10 and decimals....check-ish. Who knew they don't really understand whole number place value, let alone decimal place value. *sigh* Yet another chasm of learning to attempt to fill.

Relief lessons. Written. Got to mark the results and write today's yet but still, check.

Audit! BIG check!! Seemed to go OK. Got to collect evidence on another couple of kids and see if we can get them 'on'. The system is so stupid. They will not fund kids with Learning Difficulties but will fund Language Disorder (diagnosed 5 years ago, much improved and not requiring v much input at all!). They will fund kids with Intellectual Disabilities (IQs under 70) but some of those kids are less trouble than your severe dyslexics who get NO funding at all!!

Prep for staff meeting tonight....mostly check. Still got some photocopying to do.

Netball check and EVEN......GYM CHECK!!!!! I went while she was at netball.

So today;

finish marking and prepping for Year 9 decimals
finish staff meeting prep
post letters for tutoring scheme
CROSS COUNTRY!!! as long as the rain dries up. Otherwise I've got to pull a Year 8 negative numbers lesson out of the bag.
Church meeting tonight then prep for 3 maths lessons tomorrow.

At least I had a good sleep last night.


natalie said...

Do teachers EVER rest?? Does anyone out there in the real world realize how hard we actually work???

Bless your heart...I don't know how you do everything.

Brittany said...

Can you teach me decimals, too...while you're at it? It's been awhile. lol jk... :)

headbang8 said...

And one hopes we can catch up tomorrow or Saturday. Has Betty been in touch?

susiej said...

Can you help us out with the decimals over here? We're struggling.

ktjrdn said...

This is funny. You took a break fomr blogging to get things done, but you popped back in to update us. Isn't it strange how blgging becomes addictive?

Anonymous said...

You are my new hero. How on earth did you get all that done in a day?! Good work. :)