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Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Oh my!! I had a GOOD lesson with Year 10 this morning. This is so rare that I feel compelled to blog about it!!!!!

We went through multiplying by two digit numbers

M: But Miss, I KNOW how to do this, I just don't bother putting the zero there......

Finding fractions of a quantity

L: Eh Miss, so fractions is just like dividing eh?

Subtracting with regrouping

M: But what do you do when there's no tens in the tens column either? (200-147)
L: Stupid, you go to the hundreds column ...now don't waste our time girl...
(spoken in 'hiphop'ese)

*aaaaaaah* (rapturous sigh)

Now THAT's job satisfaction.

Oh and you know, I've been thinking about this business of not posting kids faces without parental consent etc etc. Well they all have their faces plastered all over My Space and You Tube......... what's the difference? I only ask because Himself has given me a blog sized version of The Movie which I could potentially put up...........


HipMomma said...

Aaaah. Progress.

Maybe you can post the vid with no names. Is that anonymous enough?

Maggie said...

Yay for your success - that is awesome!

I say that you can put it up if you want -- especially since there aren't many identifying factors on your blog...it would take some effort if someone wanted to go and find you! I think as long as you aren't putting the kids' names or other personal information along with it, that you can use the video how you like. By which I mean I think that you should show it to US!

Anonymous said...

GOtta love when those little light bulbs start clicking ON over their heads!! Way to go on the math lesson!

And we'll send our appreciation t you as a wonderful and dedicated teacher even if your students forget to!

Brittany said...

Word. (that's my best "rappeese" response. lol)

kim said...

hehe..crazy kids