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Friday, 2 May 2008

Choose Your Instrument Children

And then there are days where you could cheerfully bite the head off the nearest family member and spit down their neck.

Wet washing in the washing basket. Been there all day. 19 yearold. Been home all day.

Make a sandwich for yourself even as you watch the exhausted adults, fresh home from a trying day down the salt mines, making a dinner they would rather have ordered in while they slumped on the couch. But no. As they cut and chop fresh vegetables and bake home made chips......make yourself a sandwich. And walk away leaving the jar of jam with the lid off on the kitchen bench.

Sit on the couch (which the exhausted adults would like to be sitting on) right on top of the pile of (now dry) washing. Don't move it, let alone sort or fold it or even take your items and put them away....no....just sit on top of it.

Watch the exhausted (and injured I might add...but that's another story*) adults set the table. Do not offer to help. After all, if they had wanted help, they would have asked. Except they're in zombie mode from a looooooong day at work and the last time they asked you anything (20 minutes ago) you exploded with
"Don't speak to me right now. The last thing I need at the moment is to be asked a lot of probing questions."
And that was in response to "How did the job interview go?"

Meanwhile. Finish the bottle of cordial and leave the empty bottle on the kitchen bench top. Don't even think of rinsing it out or putting it in the recycling or even putting it with the dirty dishes. I mean if you're not going to do the lot why bother doing any of it.

Tell your brother and sister how stupid/incompetent/unpleasant/spoiled/lazy they are, completely failing to notice the irony.

Oh and keep WELL out of my way because I MAY just take your heads off.

* slammed my finger in the door at work and had to be driven to the clinic for a dressing and a tetanus shot :-(.
It was much more dramatic than this and involved me nearly passing out but I am way too crabby to tell you about it.


Maggie said...

Oh I HATE days like that! I hope that tomorrow is better!!

maggie, dammit said...

Oof. Sorry about your bad day. Love the visual, though.

Brittany said...

OH MY! I hope your finger is ok!!!

Arizaphale said...

Thanks Brittany. Notice I saud 'dramatic' rather than 'serious' :-D

Blueberry said...

ouch! your poor finger!

hope that tomorrow is a better day. :)

Amanda said...

Umm, the degree of crabby I feel after reading this makes me shudder at how you must feel to be living it. Sorry!