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Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Further Adventures of Morticia

Every time Himself says "That cat nearly died!" I brace myself.

Last night's story involved our balcony. Granted it is only a first story balcony so we are not talking apartment skyscraper here but it is a significant enough drop to reduce a watermelon to a slick, pink puddle, a feat achieved by No 2 Son for his photography course a few years ago.

Now Himself is a cigar smoker (I know, I know but what can you do?) and often retires onto the balcony next to his work station for a thoughtful puff whilst working. It is an ideal spot for him as he can still see his computer screens through the glass door and he can quietly contemplate his designs from a distance as he gets his nicotine 'hit'. [BUT I DON'T INHALE! yes, yes dear but do you not think it odd that you have not craved a cigarette since you 'stopped' smoking?]

Of course, going out onto the balcony involves opening the door and as we have previously discussed, kittens can be very fast movers, especially when they sense escape from their three room prison is imminent. As Himself tells it, she shot through the door without even a pause to sniff her new surroundings and leapt straight through the bars of the railings seemingly into oblivion.

Except that he caught her. By the tail.

Apparently her front legs were dangling over the edge and he had hold of her tail and some portion of her haunches.
"And she scratched me!" he exclaimed. "Even though I SAVED HER LIFE!!!!!"

I didn't like to point out that as a cat, and a small one at that, she would probably have survived the drop. It seemed cruel to detract from his perceived act of heroism and the obvious pride that this engendered. Anyway, he had prevented her from going AWOL which would have been a more serious problem as she has yet to be vaccinated or speyed! Which reminds me, must phone the vet.......


hipmomma said...

I think the cat secretly LOVES him and does these things to get his attention, as any girl would do. You know how it's always the ones that don't like you that you get caught up in? That Morticia. She's a smitten kitten.

Maggie, Dammit said...

Sometimes you've got to admire that in a kitten, you know? Boldly leaping into the great beyond.... it's a wonder any of them grow up into cats. Or us into adults.

Anonymous said...

tee hee! Kittens can be so spastic! When Jeff and I were newlyweds, we had a kitten in our two story townhouse. Back then we went to a happy-clappy church, and we were hosting a prayer meeting on this particular night. Our pastor was sitting on the bottom step leading us in a very looong and serious prayer, when suddenly he jumped up screaming with a kitten on his head! Libby had been peering at him from the bannister above and lost her footing. It was sooo funny! He went from trying to be all impressive and dignified to screaming like a sissy in 2.2 seconds. :D

Anonymous said...

Ithink Morticia would have her own Reality TV show!

You do tell a good story! These cat tales have me giggling every time.

Chris in Happy Valley said...

She is totally going to end up HIS cat!

kim said...

A true hero in your midst.