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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Thank You! I am Overwhelmed!!

Look what I got from Colleen! Her post on receipt of her flowers says it all but if you don't get a chance to look, I will pinch this bit

"People who don't blog don't really understand the connections that are made through blogging. The feelings of true friendship and bonding that are found through reading, commenting, and e-mailing. Through this online world you learn so much about other people... and by learning about them you seem to make realizations about yourself." Colleen: A Madison Mom

from her post.

I am really chuffed, as they say, and I'll pass some flowers on to my dear bloggy friends at

The Hipmomma's Journal: Melody

Mommee and Her Boys: Brittany

Life, The Universe and Everything: At last glance she needed a warm fuzzy.

Cheese Party: AmyJo..also in need of a hug.

Merrily Rolling: Just Rollin' along :-)

Cancio: Kim

Against the Window Pane: a new site for Dawn.

It is wonderful to be acknowledged, even if it is virtual! I value all these ladies as well as many others (but they have already received flowers and I don't want to use up all their vases :-D) for their support and friendship. Often we know more about the lives of our bloggy friends than our real life contacts.This may be a sad indictment of our society or it may just be that people we like live in other cities and countries. Who knows? I know I find myself mentioning the opinions and experiences of my blogmates in everyday conversation with 'real' people. You all seem real enough to me :-D.

So take a bouquet and know you are appreciated.


Brittany said...

AW! :) Thank you so much! I really am grinning from ear to ear right now! :) I agree, I talk about my bloggy friends in day-to-day conversations, too! And it's so true- I spill my guts on here! Anyone who reads my blog *knows* me, because my blog is who I am and basically I am sharing all of myself, when writing. How awesome! :) Thank you, my dear friend, I appreciate you thinking of me!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

hey congrats! you deserve those flowers lady!! :)

Colleen said...

I'm so excited.... I don't think I've every been quoted before! heehee

I'm so glad you like the flowers. And... I see a couple new blogs on your list that I need to check out!

Melody A. said...

Congratulations! And thank you! I truly look forward to every one of your comments so to have this from you is wonderful my friend.

Dawn said...

You're so kind to me!! Thank you for the flowers, they smell loverly!

Regarding your last paragraph: I love the way blogging connects us to so many great people. I think it's a wonderful countermeasure to all the crap that saturates the internet.

I'm thankful for you, and should I ever get to go to my dream destination of Sydney, I'm going to make sure to head out to Adelaide too, now that I have a friend there! (I'd LOVE to see you & Himself interacting in person!)

Amy Jo said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I'm sorry I haven't been making my usual rounds lately. Our entire household has been taken hostage by boogers. In other words, we're all sick. But I love the flowers!

I just wish I could smell them!

Stacy said...

Well, you definitely deserve the flowers! :)

kim said...

Thank you, for the lovely flowers. I will be sure to upload them to the blog very soon. Promise I won't forget. I'm still trying to play catch-up with my reading.

Christina said...

Your words on bloggy friendship are so true! I relaly love and value all my online friendships! If you hadn't already recieved a bouquet, I'd be giving some flowers to you, too. :o)

ktjrdn said...

aww, thanks a bunch (of flowers. heh. I am so lame.) The flowers are nice, but I love your comments you leave even better. THanks for always having something nice to say.

Golightly said...

Congratulations, I love flowers too! You are well deserving. I agree, I wish you weren't half a world away so we could ALL meet up for coffee!

Merrily Rolling said...

Thanks for my flowers! It's very exciting, I have to say. :)

You might just inspire me to get over there and post. Or, maybe tomorrow...

But I do value the connections I make and you are truly one of the kindest, most caring bloggers I've encountered. Thanks for including me in the flower fest.