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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Garden Makeover Part 3

So now most of the major makeover stuff is done, we are concentrating on a bit of honest to goodness gardening. Naturally, there is a modicum of trial and error involved.

This was the original plant-up.
Now there is a slight bone of contention associated with all this. Lately, I have mentioned to Himself that, in the interests of marital harmony, we need to do more things together. We need common projects. He seemed to acknowledge that this would be a good thing so in the spirit of this, I asked if we could go to the nursery the following weekend and choose some plants for the new garden. I got a vague agreement and went off to church on the Sunday, excited to know that we would be browsing plant sales together afterwards.
I got back to find him potting up plants on the back verandah with multiple trays of veggies and my personal least favoutite garden flower, the marigold, ready to be installed.

I went ballistic.

He was completely stunned. He completely failed to understand why I was upset.  After all, he had certainly considered my interests at the nursery when he had mentioned to the shop man that I liked flowers. He had also talked to the shop man about whether I would like the planters he had chosen. He was allowed to bring them back if I didn't like them however; I'm not sure planting them up before hand was a good way to ensure they were easily returnable.

We planted the cursed marigolds and some sad looking petunias, but several weeks later they had not made any progress at all and so this weekend I ripped some of them out and planted up some perennials instead!

Look how well the tomatoes are doing up the back there!

 Himself has put some gravel on the slope down.

Can you see actual tomatoes on them thar vines???

Himself actually outdid himself with this application of gravel and bed edging last weekend.

So that's as far as we've got. It's keeping us busy though and seriously, has gone a long way to re-cementing our relationship. Which is a good thing.....  


Stacy said...

Well it is looking good! That is great that you are able to grow some veggies back there, too. I love fresh off the vine tomatoes in the summer. Funny about him choosing plants without you there…haven't you trained him better than that?? ;) I get the opposite end of incessant questions about what I want. At this point we have so many holes to fill in our landscaping, I just want something that will survive more than a year! Well, enjoy your lovely new space. :)

Amy Jo said...

As a crazed gardener, I always say PERENNIALS PERENNIALS PERENNIALS! I just about refuse to plant annuals. Also, plant as many veggies as you like! You'll never get tired of fresh food. I don't know about down in your hemisphere, but up here our cukes and such are susceptible to squash borers. Good luck, and enjoy those tomatoes!

BrightenedBoy said...

This is totally unrelated to your post, but thank you for your kind comments on my blog recently.

Arizaphale said...

Hey guys! Great to see you all here!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Aww! I always feel sorry for The-Guy when he makes a valiant effort and I still end up unhappy. And yet…why couldn't he have just xyz..whatever?

Well, one miscommunication down, years of gardening left to go! I try and stay as far away from the garden as possible. Luckily The-Guy and I have other common interest!

And I agree about the food growing. As much as I hate gardening, I thoroughly appreciate being able to go pick whatever The-Guy happens to be growing.

The garden is looking great!

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