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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Crafty Tuesday: Quick Skirts and a Vest

As the holidays arrived and the Baby Angel's trip to Vanuatu loomed close, we realised she needed some skirts. In the part of Vanuatu they're visiting, there are quite strict cultural expectations and one of them is that women do not wear trousers, let alone shorts! Since the BA doesn't wear skirts too much back here at home, I didn't want to waste money on something she wouldn't wear again so I decided to run up some simple cotton numbers, using whatever was in the cupboard. On perusing the vast quantities of random fabric gathering dust in my stash, we couldn't find anything that fitted the bill but on the day before she left I had some inspiration.

Recently, my Bestie's mum had cleared out her sewing supplies as she made the move down here to Adelaide. In the move I had gained not only loads of fabric, but her Horn sewing cabinet and a bag full of pre-cut patchwork squares. I decided to make up some patchwork fabric and cut a gored skirt out of that.
Elastic waist for speed and comfort.
Because I wasn't excited by the (completely free) result, we went out and chose some fabric to make another version. Here she is surrounded by her possible wardrobe the night before the flight.
After finishing this skirt, I had some fabric left over and had another inspiration. I had been meaning to make a vest out of this tan coloured fabric and had not as yet bought anything to use as lining.

Voila, funky lined vest.

I'm quite pleased with this although I think the vest pattern is a bit plain. I may try one with some panelling in the front next time (see right). Or not. After all, this one I ran up in a night!

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carrie said...

free fabric and quick projects - that sounds exactly like what I need these days!! they are so cute - I like the patchwork skirt and would totally wear that!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Cute! I wish you lived close enough - my sweet pea could wear them once the BA was done! She can only wear skirts (no pants or shorts) to school & school related activities.

Stacy said...

Great job on all the sewing! You were much more productive than I. I love that vest. It is fun when they have some funky lining in them. :)