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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tales From The Chalkface II

Oh! I forgot to tell you the one other funny thing that happened the other day: The Baby Angel and I have been visiting schools, in an attempt to select a replacement for the Alma Mater, and we came into one well known Adelaide girls' school through a rear entrance and found ourselves lost in the labyrinth. A pretty, flushed young face was hurrying purposefully past us and I hailed her:
"Can you direct us to Reception?" I asked cheerfully. She looked immediately anxious and, after biting her lip briefly in thought, indicated a direction with her right hand.
"Turn left," she said," and then go on past kind of...well..some...buildings...they're...red..and I think there's....um...there's a pile of rocks and that's it."
The BA and I thanked her in amusement and followed her hand directions to turn 'left'. We wandered on for a bit through the rabbit warren of classrooms and walkways becoming less sure as we went. Stopping, we looked around us.

"I guess we have to look for the pile of rocks," I mused. The BA looked doubtful.
"What does she mean, a 'pile of rocks'?" she frowned.
"Well, I guess some kind of sculpture or something?" We wandered on for a bit until we came upon something a little like this.

Without the grass.

"The dyslexics always find you mum, don't they?"


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh funny!

Anonymous said...

How marvellous that you can always see the funny side of things..its that wonderful faith you have.M

Stacy said...

Oh now that is too funny!