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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Joys of SMS

Text message conversation between Small Boy and myself yesterday:

Me: Hiya! Watchu want 4 yr bday?
SB: ummmm... a laptop?
Me: roflmao
SB: plz?
Me: I do not even have a laptop and your dad's is 10 years old....
SB: OK mayb somit I will like or just money
Me: clothes? games?
SB: Games mabe there is a game I want bulletstorm and clothes like track pants and those jumpers that dont have hoods
Me: zip or no zip?
SB: no zip and I would like a game called bulletstorm

I rushed off to the shops to see if i could fulfill his every whim. Except for the laptop.

Me: Hey! Bulletstorm is MA15+!!!!?
SB: And?
Me; check yr birth certificate! :-D nyway, they don't have any
SB: Chck somewhere else
Me: Shops r shutting
SB:Hurry then.

I bought him the DVD 'Rango' instead. Suspect he will not be quite as thrilled. Cheeky sod. Still, I did get him two jumpers without hoods! :-D


Anonymous said...

You realise you are encouraging the demise of good English.!! Hope you enjoy the three teenagers on your HOLS!!!!

Stacy said...

Yeah, Kai wants all these games he sees advertised, too. Wayyyyy too old for the little one who is addicted to electronics. I'm afraid his daddy is the culprit for most of his addiction though. He also likes to spend loads of time in front of his gaming system. When I hear him yelling at the game for not doing what it is supposed to, I think to myself, "And this is supposed to be fun???" -> *me rolling my eyes at the males*

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

For some reason I thought I had commented on this one when I orginaly read it! Very funny though...in a teenagery kind of way. If he hadn't reached full teenagerhood before this conversation, I imagine this tipped him over the edge. :-)