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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Tales From The Chalkface

We have had a couple of laughs this week. The BA and I were running late for an appointment to tour a new school and flew out of my school building, with five minutes to spare, only to find that one of the school buses had parked me in. I hopped into the my driver's seat and got the BA to stand behind me and guide me as I went back and forward 50 times trying to get out of the park. Suddenly there was an almightly shriek and I looked out to see the BA with a head full of bubbles and water. The bus was there to be washed and as the BA stood innocently by, directing traffic as it were, the driver on the other side of the bus must have overshot with the hose! It may have been a result of our overly stretched nerves but the two of us had hysterics laughing about it......all the way to the other school! Incidentally, the apologetic bus driver backed my car out for me!

Another humorous occasion came on Friday when we had been meeting with a parent of a Year 5 child who has become VERY disenfranchised within his class room and will not do anything the teacher asks him to do. I was in the classroom to observe him as he worked (or rather, avoided working) on a grammar exercise.
"What do you have to do here?" I asked.
"You have to replace the verb with a more interesting word," he replied and showed me the next sentence.
"When we got to the farm we met the teacher," he read,"you have to replace met..."
"Hmm," I pondered, "what word could we use instead of met the teacher?"
He thought briefly and then looked up at me brightly and said,

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Very funny! Confronted...yeah of course! And glad BA had fun with the unexpected bath! I wondered about this though - "Incidentally, the apologetic bus driver backed my car out for me!" As opposed to temporarily moving the bus so you could back out yourself? :-) :-) :-) Good you got out though!