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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Gettin' My Blog Back On

Well, this is harder than I thought it would be. I said to Himself tonight that I needed to post but I just didn't know where to start! I have been absent such a lot lately I feel like I have got out of the habit of observing life.

Plenty has been happening and occasionally I pick up a camera. Here's one for example.

On this day it was just so green and blue out there I needed to try and capture it. We have had one of the wettest winters for five years, the coldest for 13 years and the longest run of cold nights for 28 years!! At least everything is green now and the dams are full.

We visited the Bestie as she moved into her new house.

In a brave move, she and her Beloved have bought a large house and are moving in with the parents!! Bestie and Beloved will have the upstairs and the studio at the back whilst the parental body will inhabit the main downstairs living area. The circular staircase will be blocked off (and removed in time) and they will have an external staircase so they don't have to encroach upon her Ma and Dad all the time. So far all the furniture is fitting in well and they are awaiting the arrival of her parents within the next few weeks.

Most people they know secretly think that they're crazy but I actually think they can make this work. They are all pretty close and get on well. Bestie's parents have lived a fair distance away for sometime now and as time marches on it is probably expedient for them to be closer.

I'm not sure any of us realised it would be this much closer!

Over at A Free Man's place, Dr O'C was working her birthday cake magic again.

Last year it was a digger but this year 'How To Train Your Dragon' has become Boy Z's obsession and so it was a dragon cake which he promptly set about demolishing.

Can you believe how much that boy has grown??

Of course I had a student teacher this term too so Week 8 saw me farewell her and all the preparation she had been doing for me!!

She gave me a lovely basket of goodies to keep me going til the end of term!

I still have to write her final report though so I hope she doesn't want them back!!

Lily has grown.

Morticia is still Himself's cat.

She isn't really this orange but when I take her picture she is just a black blob until I over expose her!

And finally, in a surprise turn around, the school which offered me work this time last year phoned me again (third time in a month) and finally offered me my dream job. It is 0.8EFT which is more than I would be getting from my current school next year (they're having to make cutbacks) and more importantly it is Learning Support Co-ordinator R-12! I will be taking one on one and small groups with minimal report writing and marking. There will be plenty of other work in writing NEPs (Negotiated Education Plans), running the school's standardised assessment program and doing Admin but hey! I enjoy all that!

The job starts in January next year so I have one more term to get through at my current place of employ and then I hope I'll be able to get a better life balance going after that! I will miss my colleagues terribly and of course there's the whole dealing with change thing but in the end I think this will be a good move for me. Himself is over the moon.

So, I think that's about everything for the moment. We're on holidays here and the BA is off to Sydney with her dad but next Saturday, excitement of excitements....my sister is arriving!!!!!
I hope I'll be a bit better at keeping on top of things here at the Sword now.

Don't give up on me yet!!


Anonymous said...

I never cease to be amazed at the inventiveness of you modern Mums with birthday cake designs.It makes me remember my valiant efforts with rabbit faces,koala faces, bear faces all cut out from basic round shaped cake tins.I do however remember making ,or trying to make, a toadstool cake with a swiss roll tin shaped stalk and a round tin shaped top. The only trouble was that the stalk wasn`t strong enough to hold up the top! I battled on with skewers to hold it together and surrounded it with "green "shredded coconut grass" and marshmallow rabbits!!Anyway it got gobbled up in one tenth of the speed spent making it!!!!After many years of making cakes for three childrens birthdays all I can say is "I TRIED"Good luck to all you modern Mums and Dads

chaoticfamily said...

Such exciting news all around. Glad to see you back to blogger world. Your haircut is lovely and the BA is simply stunning. Looking forward to getting back in touch via blogger world.

Elisa said...

Yipppeeee on the new job!! Sounds like it's great timing. Even though you aren't too keen on change, I don't sense the worry or anxiety that you've previously expressed when contemplating job changes. I think that is an excellent sign that you are ready and this is the change that is needed.

Arizaphale said...

Thanks Elisa. I think you are absolutely right. I am sure I'll have a few anxious moments in first term next year but.....whatever! I'm a big girl right? (and getter bigger daily...ooo-er these jeans are tight lately)