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Thursday, 23 September 2010

How Can You Sleep.....How Can You Breathe?

Tonight I watched The Baby Angel, this child who claimed she did not want all those eyes watching her, play drums in front of a few hundred people in the Adelaide Town Hall.
She was magnificent.

I had forgotten my camera (life is like that at the moment) and so I harassed Himself into taking a photo. This is the best he could manage with his iphone. At the back there, behind the guitarists and the drum kit, that's my baby.

They did a song called 'How You Love Me Now' by a band called 'Hey Monday' (yeah...I've never heard of them either!!)

"Gee, I hope she can play," I whispered to Prof J as they strode confidently across the stage and started their set up. She shot back an incredulous glance.

With three strong strokes of the drumstick my anxieties were allayed.
When am I going to stop being surprised by my kid?

In an amazing follow-up, her House Choir (that's her, the blonde one in the middle row) whom she had claimed to be 'without energy' and 'inferior' to other choirs, performed "Tears In Heaven" and "Joyful, Joyful" so that the tears streamed down my cheeks and (apparently) my nose beamed like Rudolph's from the balcony.

Now, I am freely admitting bias but I have got to say that this choir was by far the best on the night. They were tight, tuneful, well rounded in sound, their harmonies were good and their energy exceptional. What can I say? They were robbed! But second is still pretty good out of four.

I am more and more filled with joy that my daughter is able to experience the excitement, camaraderie, joy and growth offered by my old school. She is already planning the next 'rock band' item!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Sounds like a memorable evening! Congratulations!!!!! (to both of you!)

headbang8 said...

Fantastic. A chip off the old block?

Anonymous said...

Was that really the town hall? It looked so different to how I remembered it.I thought it was Gillingham hall where you used to do the choir competitions .I empathise with you about your feelings re your daughter`s ability. I remember that I was so nervous when you were performing in "The Crucible" that I actually took a Valium tablet.We Mothers never believe that our children can do anything without us.Much love from...the old generation!

Stacy said...

Wow, what a wonderful evening! You definitely sound like a proud mama. :) BA sounds like she is experiencing all those fun things you can do when you try out the arts. Congratulations to her!

Oh, and I've heard of that song. ;)

Maggie said...

Good for her -- I'm sure it was a fantastic performance!

kratosellas said...