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Saturday, 3 October 2009

SOOC Saturday: What I'm Doing In My Holidays

Thought I'd show you how far I have got on my quilt this week. I haven't sewn any of the blocks together yet as I am still fiddling with the arrangement of the darks. I have a lot less of the pale green fabric left so I am leaning towards this idea of a dark green/pink alternate with a random pale green thrown into every row/column. It's a bit like doing a giant suduko. Except not.

I dunno I may change my mind. Himself and I were looking at it yesterday and he was casting his designer's eye over things. We decided that I'll do 6 quares by 10 squares all up and he suggests doing something 'different' or themed at any rate, for the four central squares. Like, maybe four of the pale greens altogether although I'm not all that keen on that idea. I am also toying with one of the background fabrics which is darker than the other three and wondering whether to make it a 'dark' for some of the blocks. Maybe that could be at the centre?

If anyone has any ideas or opinions, do chip in here. I am a complete novice and open to suggestion.

Meanwhile, we have been on a campaign to find a dress for the BA to wear in the Bestie's wedding......but that's a whole other post.


A Free Man said...

I think he's right about a feature in the middle.

Sorry we couldn't meet up yesterday. It was a bad day. Today's going better so far.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I've never quilted and I'd be at a loss to offer any suggestions without being able to physically move the pieces around with my hands. The colors are really pretty though and I'll bet it's going to be gorgeous no matter what you decide!

Kevin C Jones said...

Me two

susiej said...

What an art!!! It so amazing to me to watch people put quilts together from tiny scraps of colors, and then create something on such a big scale! Some quilts are beautiful even without that big feature in the middle... tough decision.

natalie said...

I have NOTHING to suggest, although I'm so inspired by your gumption! We would SO be good friends if we lived near(er) one another. Designer, I am not. I struggle with that whenever I sew an outfit, knit a scarf, or create a scrapbook page.

Arizaphale said...

Natalie: Me too. I am completely derivative!