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Sunday, 25 October 2009

In Which I Deliberately Thwart My Husband

Himself: My trackies have been in the laundry abyss for four weeks now! I have been completely
unable to find them.

Me: There is no way they have been missing for four weeks...two maybe...have you checked the..?

Himself: I've checked EVERYWHERE!!! I've even been through the laundry basket. They have
completely DISAPPEARED!!

Me: Alright, I will look for them but I can guarantee you they have NOT disappeared and they haven't been 'missing' for four weeks. Now, let's have a look here (opens a drawer) no? ok well how about here? (no luck) They're bound to be here somewhere.

Himself: Ah HAH! Ah HAH! You SEE? I TOLD you they were nowhere to be found!!! I've looked in all those places.

Me: (giving up on all the drawers/shelves etc and starting on the laundry hamper) Well, I haven't been deliberately hiding them, they're bound to be here...

Himself: (triumphantly) FOUR weeks! That's how long they've been missing! I haven't seen them in FOUR weeks.

Me: (starting to lose my good humour) Well, I washed last weekend so they couldn't have been missing all that long, unless they are hanging out in the family room....

(I start to march off down the hall to check the usual location for drying things indoors in the wet weather)

Himself: (hot on my heels) I've actually LOOKED down here and I couldn't find anything.*

Me: (gets to room; looks briefly around;takes trackies off the back of a chair. The first chair in the room. Not hidden by anything. Says nothing)

Himself: (momentarily stunned) Well they must have been there for four weeks....

Me: One. At the most.


*Note: this in itself is something of a miracle. Piles of Himself's neatly folded laundry have been known to sit down in the family room for weeks while he squeals for clean underwear.


Brittany said...

I have a husband JUST like this........... lol ;)

Suzer said...

I don't know how my other half found his things before I came along...

headbang8 said...

Make him do the washing. And don't put up with that kind of petty point scoring.

Arizaphale said...

Trust me headbang it is mild mannered and not about point scoring. He just likes to exaggerate :-)

Laine Moore said...

This is why I make mine do his own!! :)

Stacy said...

LOL...he sounds like my KIDS! HAHAHAH! They do the exact same thing when looking for their stuff. ;)

Elisa said...

What do you know? It's a common occurance across the globe - either husbands or kids! :)

My "favorite" (or least favorite I suppose) is when the kids pull the same stunt and I find them rolled up tucked in a corner of their bedroom that they swear they searched up and down!

DD called from college about a missing t-shirt that has just vanished from her life. Found it today in the pile of clean clothes loving set on her bed before her last visit...where did I find it? In said pile that was not so loving dropped on the floor next to the bed! Hubby asks why I think it should be different now that she is at school...foolishly, I thought that now that she actually has room in her drawers with 90% of her belongings at school that she'd put them away.
Oh how naive I can be! :)

This is the same child that about had a hissy visit when her brother sat on her bed during one of our visits....she kept pulling the cover to straighten it out....mind you this is the same child who had not made her bed at home but a couple of times a year! :)
Just makes you laugh!!

Sande said...

Underware are a disappearing nomily for us .... I tell him that they've probably eloped with his invoices ... another evaporating item in our house.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

UGH! This is one of the things I'm trying to conquer with my KIDS!!! Why do ****I**** have to look for everything?

My gal claims I have special looking powers, and I give her a few points for flattery. But I still resent their expectation that I get up from my breakfast to look for the cream cheese which is IN THE FRIDGE!!!! You don't even have to search the entire house! Not even an entire room! Just look thoroughly through one APPLIANCE for crying out loud!!!!!