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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Clouded By The Mists of Time...and mood enhancing substances.

My husband isn't talking to me.

I didn't believe him you see. I scoffed at his memory; a cardinal crime.

He claimed that when he was at school, they had dances, formal dances, which went until 2am. Apparently there were two bands and the younger students were sent home after the first band.....but really! 2 am???? What teacher would stay at a school dance til 2am????
His retort was that they had 'very good bands'.

So, my anally retentive antenna is out (ooo-eer). All you Adelaideloodians, does anyone remember the boys' school on South Terrace having formals that went until 2 in the morning????????? Puh-lease. Does anyone remember ANY of the private schools having formals that went beyond mid-night? Granted, his era was slightly before mine, but surely things were not 'free-er' in his day than mine????? We are talking 1973-4 bythe way.

At my old school (soon to be the Baby Angel's school) we had very strict policies about our few dances. I have posted about it before: letters to leave early, stay inside the building, no patent leather shoes*...that sort of thing.

Now when we got to uni; that was a different matter! The infamous O Ball where many a fresher saw their first sunrise, was renowned. Prosh Week, the Law School Pub Crawl, all these were debauched affaires with no boundaries as by that time we were all technically 'adults'; but school dances? Til 2am????????????

I think not.

However, I am happy to be proven wrong. Do some research guys and gals; Prof J?
Cash Mc Buck? Headbang? Kindergarten Friend? Middle Sis? (she always knew where the good parties were)...........



* Apparently patent leather shoes enabled boys to see your underwear reflected on their highly polished surface.


headbang8 said...

Nope. If these things went on late, I was most certainly NOT allowed to enjoy it 'til stumps.

Arizaphale said...

Now of course headbang, you were a 'public school boy' as I recall? Perhaps the well heeled Adelaide middle classes paid for their children to be out until 2am??

chaoticfamily said...

I love the No patent leather shoe rule - lol - never heard of that! Ha ha... 2 am wow. Must have been some darn good bands. ;)

A Free Man said...

Obviously I've no idea, but do you think the patent leather shoe ban is still in place?

Elisa said...

Haha - there was a book that I believe was turned into a production called, "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?"
And it centered around Catholic school education where that was a heavy duty rule! Don't know if it still applies but don't see many kids wearing patent leather anymore so even if it is - it has become pointless.

Stacy said...

LOL...really no patent shoes?? Well, my goodness!

2 am huh? Well, that was 35 years ago...maybe his memory is a bit...fuzzy?? ;)

Mid Sis said...

I met with current Principal of said school a few weeks ago for a "reunion" (albeit small with 4 of us!). Apparently the dances now involve weeks of prep, nail extensions, fake tans, bit like the US proms I guess. But let's get this clear - our school had BANDS at LUNCHTIME - remember the Angels - "sit down girls" (teachers) - "get up and dance everyone" (band) "no SIT DOWN girls" (teachers)