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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Rays of Sunshine In My Chaotic World: Pt 2

Yesterday was my school's Sports Day. I may have mentioned that one of my roles this year is as House Co-ordinator. Our House has consistently run last in just about any competition for the last 5 years or so but when I took over as Co-ordinator last year, I was determined to instil a little pride and House Spirit into the mix (and I'm not talking about rum!). Last year we managed to come third out of four in the Swimming Carnival, a great result for us! The Sports' Carnival was another story however as we collapsed under the weight of the extreme heat of the day.

Well this year I was determined that it be a totally different experience. The weather has been better recently and my new House officials are reeeeeeally keen which means that they're prepared to walk around the crowds coaxing other younger house members to enter events. Here's a bunch of them as exhibit a.

So guess what?

WE CAME SECOND!!!!!!!!! BY 60 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a while there only 20 points separated the first two teams but in the end they had just too many top athletes for our 'participation' strategy to be completely effective. Still, for a team that has come last in everything for the last 6 years, this was as good as a victory! It was particularly gratifying to see younger students really getting into the spirit and supporting their House. The Boss has assured me he's been stacking the enrolments and sending a few good athletes our way. Perhaps we need a 'Sorting Hat'??

So today Mrs A has been swanning around the school in her green cape handing out congratulatory prizes and certificates to our best participators.



Agnes said...

Congratulations from an almost anonymous music blogger from an anonymous small town in Victoria!

Elisa said...


Have I been reading you for over a year already? Because I certainly remember the story of the swim team last year!

This is a gigantic win for your house - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Exciting stuff!

On those days when you go home and wonder WHY? Know you are having an impact on them....little by little! This is great evidence of that fact. A little self-confidence and pride goes a long way in other areas of life, too!


we_be_toys said...

That is saying something - to go from dead last to second place is an awesome improvement. So have they told you that you ROCK??? Because you do!
Love the costumes in the pic!

"we got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit, how 'bout you?"

Sorry, cheering Tourettes - it comes over me from time to time. At least I'm not belting out a Broadway musical (but I could if you asked!).

HipMomma said...

Well see what a little (or a lot) of determination can do. Way to go.

Maggie said...

Congratulations!! What a great accomplishment!!

ktjrdn said...

"...from an anonymous teacher"

Stacy said...

That is great! Go team! I remember from last year, too, so I'm glad to hear your house did better this year and spirits were high. :)

SSG said...

great photo! go team!

A Free Man said...

I believe that it's Roy & HG who call second 'first loser'.

Still, better than third loser.