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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Where Oh Where Can My BFF Be?

I caught up with The Bestie on Wednesday, for the first time in about three weeks. That kind of happens when your BFF meets Mr Right and starts a production company with him; and edits his pilot for a TV show; and 'techs' for his recent Fringe Show and accepts his proposal of marriage.

What? Did I forget to tell you the Bestie is getting married????? Why do you think she hasn't been blogging lately? Oh well, yes, there is all that theatre/film stuff too.

Nevertheless it was great to catch up and toss about wedding ideas. Beach? Park? Parachute? nothing will surprise me. They are lining up the BA to walk Q (the dog) down to the .....er.....altar? ......with the ring. Yup. Ring bearing dog. What do you expect? He's theatrical!!!!! (The man, not the dog, although, come to think of it....)

So they're talking November, romance and guest appearances by comedians, opera singers and swing bands. I spent some time doodling dress designs for the Bestie, altering them as she clarified ideas. She's thinking of a 'theme' rather than your traditional 'everybody matching' thing. She also feels that her other BF, The Diva, and I have such differing body types that we will be doing well if our dresses are simply the same colour!

Mind you, if the whole parachute thing materialises I am going to have to say no to the matron of honour role, no matter HOW pretty the dress is.


Blueberry said...

oooooooh congratulations to the bestie!!!! how exciting! :)

Miss Betty Fjord said...

I have always wondered why anyone would throw themselves out of a perfectly good plane ... Don't worry about the parachutes, Arizaphale, after all, the whole harness thing just would not look good with the frock!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

How exciting! Hoping you don't have to parachute anywhere...or wear a parachute or anything.