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Monday, 2 March 2009

Random Photo Meme

This is a meme which has definitely evolved in the passing around. I saw it awhile ago and it was 'post the seventh photo in your seventh folder' but the latest one I saw was '11th photo in eleventh folder'. So here it is. It's a pretty crap photo technically. I was still using the little Sony PAS which served me for so long and I had no idea about things like 'flare', but isn't the Small Boy little! He looks like a baby. In fact I think he still has his baby teeth here.

This was taken in 2006 at the Annual Fringe Festival here in Adelaide (an event which just opened last Friday night co-incidentally). It had taken me an enormous amount of effort to get Small Boy onto the carousel. He spent an inordinate amount of his young life scared of things. I blame the M15+ videos he was allowed to watch >:-(.... (older siblings). Anyway, as you can see, once it was in motion he thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'll have to get a shot of him soon for comparison.


A Free Man said...

He still doesn't look 100% certain! He's hanging on to that pole pretty tight.

melody is slurping life said...

Look how "young" and adorable he is there. Darn, Small Boy and BA are growing up quickly.

I was just last night looking at photos of my boys from a couple of years ago and noticing how they've changed. *sigh*

Time, slow down...please.