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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Rays of Sunshine in My Chaotic World: Pt1

Guess what? After returning home from our race outing on Monday, we told Himself the story of KG and the photo. Coincidentally, Himself had just had a bit of a brush with the great man too.

KG was recently forcibly retired from his long running radio show on one of the more prominent Adelaide stations, amid much hue and cry. He has always been a very opinionated journalist and has had his share of critics, but his contacts and knowledge of sport are vast and his interview style hard hitting and very entertaining. You may not always agree with him but you can always respect his posisiotn. Well, anyway; it turns out that after the station decided on a makeover for their sports show and sent KG packing as 'worn out member of the old guard', he has been broadcasting his own independent sports show..........on the internet!!! Himself had been watching on Monday (like many people he misses KG) and had been frankly disappointed by the quality of the internet technology being used to create the site.

Never one to mince words, he decided to use the 'contact us' form and let the team have some feedback. Of course, at the same time he mentioned that his business centred on web design. Lo and behold, he received a reply from KG's producer! The upshot is that they had a meeting with the production team yesterday and it looks like he might be assisting on the technical production of KG's website!!!!!! Very cool :-) The links tonight show that some of his advice has already been taken!

"Be sure to tell him your step daughter was the one with the crazy mother and the photo at the Races on Monday," the BA insisted as he left for a meeting with the man himself today!


Brittany said...

heya, girl!
I never got those answers if you emailed them to me!! EEK!

Elisa said...

How cool is that!

we_be_toys said...

And the brushes with fame just keep coming...!
Life is good, isn't it?

ktjrdn said...

That's great that they're already using his suggestions