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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

On Tenterhooks vs At Long Last!!!!!

I am DROWNING in work but I have just popped up quickly to report on two important and contrasting events!

1) The BA's interview went...as well as it could have. She feels confident that she gave a good account of herself and was happy with her answers to most questions. We will have to wait until next week to see what the outcome is.

In typical BA style, she was able to eloquently articulate the fact that while she would like to 'win' the scholarship, she isn't really sure if she wants to go to the school.
"It would kind of be like 'Yaaay I did it!' and then 'Oh...now I have to actually GO to the school...." she says.

Very fair I thought.

2) Himself finally got out his SuperDad cape yesterday and marched No2 Son off, kicking and screaming (metaphorically) to our local TAFE (College of Technical and Further Education) where he enrolled him in a last minute Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design. He starts tomorrow. I am not exactly sure how No2 Son feels about this but it certainly is a good course for him. It's varied and practical and will build on his strengths, if he embraces it. He just has to get over his dislike of being told what to do and acknowledge that there are people out there who know more about...oh I dunno....EVERYTHING.... than he does!!

Stay posted!!


SSG said...

good luck to the BA, but either result will be OK... if she doesn't really want to go there?

And well done Himself, hope son 2 realises what he's got. But then, we don't realise things we have til we lose them, or work for them ourselves.

Brittany said...

OHH this is VERY good news!!! I would have loved to have actually seen him kicking and screaming!! ;)

Blueberry said...

keeping my fingers crossed.... on both counts. :)

A Free Man said...

So the clan Arizaphale is going to get edumacated whether willing or not.