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Friday, 6 February 2009


I South

Busy busy busy busy
hot and busy
hot and working
working and busy
home requires work
home hot and requiring work
busy busy busy
hot and crabby
home hot and husband crabby
husband requiring work.

II North

on the other side of the world
my sister waited
in an unheated baggage hall for
over two hours
while the ground crew patiently
the frozen baggage compartment doors on the plane.
and her husband
warm but worried
on the other side of the thin walled partition
drank brand name coffee and considered
the snow covered motorway they must
if they ever
to go


headbang8 said...

More poetry please!

Blueberry said...

i HATE being hot. i HATE it. so i feel for you.
but both situations sound just awful!

natalie said...

I'm laughing. What a true image of the differences in which we live! Although I live closer to the equator than both of you and I'm tired of being cold, ready to be warm.

carrie said...

that is fantastic! what a great dichotomy - is that the word I want?

Anyhow...did she make it home ok?

we_be_toys said...

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact of how hot you guys are right now, when we've been smack dab in the middle of winter here.

Luckily, I think we're due for a spring thaw this weekend (because I live in the land of roller coaster weather, known as the Mid Atlantic).

Hope your sister got home safely, and that your heat wave breaks soon. Man, I hate to be hot!

Arizaphale said...

Yes folks, she made it home! But at last contact she was sitting in Heathrow again, waiting to find out if her flight to Nigeria was going to make it off the snow covered runway.

Gawlerites said...

A, you should travel North 50 ks to Gawler as the Bestie is doing today with Mumford, they are having dinner with us ( along with the Oldies) and enjoying the large falls of snow that we have been having, we will be skating on the pool and enjoying sitting in front of the open blazing fire.
PS I have to see a doctor on Monday I think my brain has shut down or I may have been drinking too much Chardy!!!!!!!

Brittany said...

That was wonderful. Amazing how those hemispheres work, eh?