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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Heat Wave 4: Suffering

Didn't I tell you that heat brings out the bugs? Well, yesterday I had the pleasure of being stung by both a wasp AND a jellyfish!!!! Although I'm not sure whether a jellyfish counts as a bug.

But anyway! They both bloody HURT!!!!

And just feel grateful that, due to the unpleasant nature of each sting site, I have spared you the usual photographic evidence!

The wasp flew up my skirt and stung me on the left, upper thigh! Most unpleasant. I still have a raised welt an inch and a half across. The jellyfish wrapped its tentacle around the upper thigh of my other leg!

The BA was also stung by jellyfish, on the hand and leg, and when we ventured up to the Surf Lifesaving tower to ask if they had any 'Stingose', we were in a queue of three others! I blame the warm water after all this heat. Jellyfish are not usually one of our local nasties.

The lifesavers kindly handed out mini ice packs which we gratefully applied. Today the stinging has stopped and been replaced with itching!

The widget is telling us it's 31C but my thermometer on the balcony says 38C. Either way it's markedly cooler.

Good grief.
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Gawlerites said...

I think that not showing us a photo of the sting site is very selfish of you!!!!!!! if I had one I would show you

Arizaphale said...

A moment to treasure I'm sure :-)

susiej said...

I have been reading about your relentless heatwave in the paper! I'm sorry... nothing could be worse. At the time time, we're experiencing record freezing temps, treacherous ice and snow... what an amazing world.

Arizaphale said...

Susie: Amazing extremes everywhere at the moment. It can't be good....

A Free Man said...

A jellyfish is definitely not a bug.

Just saying.

justjessie said...

Oh, ouch! I'm sorry that happened to you! What a crappy place to be stung, too! I hope you're better by the time I'm reading this!