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Friday, 30 January 2009

Heatwave 3

The widget says 34C ( at 6.40pm) but it feels hotter than that INSIDE!

I guess there's a point where the evaporative cooler becomes inefficient. Maybe our pads need cleaning.....?

Oh and yesterday I killed a scorpion in the front hall and a redback spider the size of a walnut in the porch. Gross.

Did I mention heat brings out the bugs :-(

Off to get into the pool and let the BA onto the computer so she can plan her weekend. What a social butterfly. Think it might involve being in an air conditioned movie theatre!


Anonymous said...

Yuck! The hall and the porch - isn't that right next to the room we were sleeping in?!!! Never thought I'd say this but I think I'm glad to be back in the UK! The heat sounds a nightmare too...

we_be_toys said...

Thank you for providing a link to what the heck an evaporative cooler is - I'd never heard of one before. In the southern US air conditioners are de riguer, because the humidity is so high.
I'm thinking a night at the theatre is a good call. Also the frozen food section of the grocery store is pleasant, but they tend to get a bit cranky when you set up chairs and hunker.

Arizaphale said...

Little Sis: Yup. Right next to your room. I think they've come out because you've gone.

Toys: the air conditioners are breaking down in the supermarkets too.

Maggie said...

Oh ick! I hate few things more than being hot. That's just the worst...especially if you're inside -- that's just not right!

Hope you find some respite from the heat soon!

carrie said...

Hmmm...you are making it sound so appealing for a trip right now! :-)

Spiders and I...let's just say we do not cohabit nicely together.