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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Spider Poop: myth or reality?

Why does no one in my family believe me? I will tell you why not! because none of them ever do any CLEANING!!!!!!

My husband and beloved sister have been laughing themselves silly over my random comment that I am less scared of spiders nowadays, I just hate the mess they make.
"Mess?" inquired Middle Sis, confused.
"Yes, webs everywhere, collecting dust, and all the spider crap on the skirting boards..."
Her hysteria was somewhat unkind I thought.
Disbelieving, she approached Himself.
"Sis says spiders crap everywhere. is this true?"
"WHAT?" exclaimed my ever supportive husband."Spider crap? Yea...right!"

I was nonplussed. Surely everyone is aware of the mess spiders make under an established web? Since the whole house was in uproar anyway, I located a small remaining pile (I have been cleaning a bit as we go) and called her over. Her deep belly laughs were NOT the response I had anticipated.
"That's not spider crap!!!" she guffawed.
(And how would she know anyway since she does not believe it exists!!?????)
"Of course it is, what else is it????" I protested.

She was unable to offer a plausible explanation for the effect but refused to be convinced that spiders do, in fact, crap!!!! I mean! They are LIVING ORGANISMS!!!!

Now, Himself and Sis keep making snide little comments whenever I am around.
Me: Where did I put the x?
Himself: I dunno, maybe it's near the 'spider crap'. (huge wink at Middle Sis)

So, I ask you blog world. Who out there believes in spider crap? Clap your hands if you do!!!!Exhibit A) the back of a shelf (which has been put back the wrong way around) which has been the recipient of some spider's excreta for some time it seems.....


Anonymous said...

Sorry my dear daughter I cannot believe that stuff on your shelf picture is what you named.Now caterpillars of some type are more likely to produce that sort of mess..or moths but I am willing to be convinced!!!

Stacy said...

Well, if it was under the spiderweb, that is pretty clear evidence to me! Everything poops at some point.

Arizaphale said...

Mother. Why would caterpillars, or moths for that matter, who are not known for their stationary habits, return to the same spot to poop???

Anonymous said...

Absolutely spiders poop. It is also one of the hardest things in the world to clean up. Here in the states we have Dollar Tree stores. They have a cleaning product called "Awesome". As far as I can tell it has some element made from oranges and that is what helps make it an awesome cleaner. Believe me I have spent the summer cleaning my garage and outside storage sheds. the ONLY thing and the EASIEST thing that cleans spider poop is spraying with Awesome, let it sit for 30 seconds and then wipe away. Look at your local dollar type stores for some spray cleaner that has an orange essence. Good luck. You are RIGHT!

Arizaphale said...

Thank you Elisa(?) my trusty mate!! And yes, it does take some scrubbing. I will take your advice and look for the orange based cleaner!! (Moths indeed!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Trust the Americans to know the answers.......I just cannot believe that that much poop can come from one spiders web....ooh I forgot you have bigger spiders in Oz and the USA than we do in the UK. I stand corrected!!

Elisa said...

That was not I who gave you the "Awesome" cleaning product tip.

However, know that while you cannot hear me, I am indeed clapping. I believe in spider crap....I seriously do.

Fling some at Sis and Himself next time they laugh at you.

BrightenedBoy said...

I don't know if I'm on the spider-crap train. If spiders really did defecate, wouldn't it be everywhere all the time? You'd think people would talk about it more.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

They must, right? If they eat, they have to poop don't they? I never noticed any spider poop myself though. I always leave the spiders alone, because they eat the worse bugs. But I have seen cockroach poop and that is gross.