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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Domino Effect

You know when you start something, how everything else just seems to follow inevitably, and unstoppably, in its wake? Well, that's right where we are at the moment.

I am typing this on Himself's laptop, which is atop a desk and a coffee table, standing in the kitchen eating area, next to the piano. None of which normally live in this room, I might add. The new flooring is arriving today!

With this exciting event imminent, I suggested removing the hideous , apricot/dusky pink wallpaper frieze that has been bugging me since we moved in over 5 years ago. Naturally this got designer husband thinking about colour schemes and so the whole catastrophe began expanding. Actually, it wasn't that much of a catastrophe, until the plaster started falling off. Himself was horrified. he hasn't done much home reno before. I assured him that I had patched bigger areas (although, to be fair, not up a ladder >:-(...) and so we soldiered on.

Anyway, he has finished double coating most of the front room, with the exception of the plastered areas; all of the front room/study furniture is jammed into the family room/kitchen and the floor men are due to arrive any minute. Looks like we will be painting the coving and plastered areas when the floors are in :-(...which was NOT the plan.

Oh, well. Once it is done, and we're back in situ, I'll update with photos. At the moment I think the connections for my camera are somewhere at the back of the family room which currently resembles The Room of Requirement.

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