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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bitterness and Bad Grace

I am only human right? And I work pretty hard, as does Himself, and we try to provide for everybody in this weird blended family. So will you forgive me if I have a really small minded bitch about the recent judgment against us by the Child Support Agency?

Small Boy's mother put in a claim against us as she feels that we are earning more than her and that she is entitled to some more of it. What she fails to recognise is that Himself and I bought a house, when we married, which would enable the children of three different partnerships (including hers) to live together, without living on top of each other. For this we pay steeply every month, approximately a third of our joint incomes. She on the other hand has a v nice house paid for by her parents, for which she pays no mortgage. She is also buying a new car soon. I wish I could afford a new car :-(
We are currently doing home renos, but they are much needed on the maintenance front and only affordable as a result of a windfall inheritance, most of which went to pay off credit cards and buy boats (OK I'm with her on THAT one). Currently we have not received a full pay for over 6 weeks because, due to the GFC, people are not paying their bills, so the rest of the inheritance is going on day to day living expenses.
The retaining wall is still collapsing. The pool filtration/chlorination system has given up the ghost. The gutters need repair if not complete replacement. The air conditioner is on borrowed time. It is just as well that the BA has transferred from extremely expensive Alma Mater to third of the price St Saviour's because that difference in income is about to go straight out again to Small Boy's mother. The same woman who buys him 'Bullet Storm'.

They have tripled our payments and we can't appeal until we have another tax return done.

Pardon me if I feel a bit bitter.

I hope she chokes on it.

That squeezing sound was us tightening our belts.


Stacy said...

I think you are definitely forgiven for being mad at her. I don't understand the courts sometimes. If the kid is in school it should be up the ADULT on each side to work and pay their own way in life. That judgement is just insane.

Arizaphale said...

I am being horrible I know, but I just have to get over it :-(. Nothing we can do. I hate it that we would like to put the Small Boy through a private high school but his mother doesn't value it so it's not going to happen. If we had wanted to do it on our own (ie with no contribution from her) she would have considered it...but she has just scotched that ever happening :-(....

BrightenedBoy said...

I'm sorry. Why is it that the layabouts are always the ones demanding more?

It seems like everyone is struggling and cash strapped these days.