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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Crafty Tuesday: A Few Days Early

I have been sewing of late but it has been a long, drawn out project; not particularly well done. Himself set me the challenge of making some 'covers' for his 'foils'. I put off starting for ages as I was trying to think of what sort of material I would use; and then Himself came up with some old sleeping bags.
"These will work," he pronounced.
Personally, I think they will rot in no time but there you go, I have acquiesed to his wishes yet again.

So, here is the larger of the two 'foils', the centreboard, with its new cover:

I used a piece of material given to me by the Bestie's mum, when she was cleaning out her sewing room, to line it.

Here it is, part way in:

Here it is done up with velcro straps:

And here is the smaller one, aka the rudder:

I think they'll do the job but I don't think they'll last long given the salt, sea and sun that they'll be exposed to. Anyway, I've got a much better idea for next time!

It's called oyster mesh and rather than sew it, you tie it together with cable ties!

Crafty Tuesday is hosted by Carrie at Barely Controlled Chaos and by Tuesday, it will be worth clicking here to check out the other craftiness out there.

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Stacy said...

Looks like you did a good job on the first turn of them. You never know...they may last longer than you think. :)