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Sunday, 7 November 2010

What's The Buzz? Tell Me What's a Happening.

At the end of the 'Week from Hell' the BA and I accidentally decided to have a Girlie Day Out.

It started with the hairdressers. I was booked in for my 6 weekly visit for 'mysterious women's business' and she needed a trim so we went down together. It was a Small Boy Free weekend so we had no commitments, Himself was sailing and we were free agents.
"Mum," she asked, "what would you like to do?"
We went to Harbour Town.

Our first assignment was lunch. To my surprise she turned up her nose at the suggestion of Maccas (I suppose I shouldn't be surprised give her current employment!) and we ended up at the 'Coffee Club'.

Mothers of daughters; take your children to lunch. Out of the home setting, topics emerge and blossom and are considered in a healthy light. This simple act will cement lifelong relationships. And don't be put off by the shopping thing. We skillfully managed to avoid a few shoe shops and got out of The Labyrinth with most of our assets intact. If you feel nervous in the face this challenge, can I recommend the words: 'Haven't you got one of those already?'

The next part of the Girlie day involved getting together with respective friends. I encouraged the BA to meet up with a girlfriend away from the heavy and angst ridden school environment and agreed to facilitate the meeting, which means I used half a tank of petrol driving about all over town. The purple is me.

I picked the BA's friend up from eastern suburbs and delivered them into town to do whatever it is stressed out 15 year olds with their school about to close out from under them do for a laugh. Turned out it was wedding stalking in the Botanic Gardens and, to my horror, souvenir pinching!!! They greeted me with bottles of bubbles, the names off a couple of chairs and a couple of strange sort of medieval looking stick things with ribbons and bells which, I am reliably told, were shaken enthusiastically by the congregation as the bride and groom (wedding number 5 for the day) kissed.

Meanwhile, as my child and her friend were honing their light fingered skills in the wake of numerous outdoor Spring weddings in Adelaide, I called in on an old school friend.

As my friend says, the one thing about the terrible decimation of my Alma Mater is that some of us have got in contact again. Part way through the dissection of the incredible nightmare that is my school's journey, she mentioned the local production of JC Superstar. It was the last night and funnily enough I had actually asked Himself if he was interested in going several months ago. Of course, post Saturday sailing he was pretty blunt in his declination of my generous invitation; but the BA and her mate were very keen.

More looney driving around the city and eastern suburbs to get the whole thing okayed by her parents and then we were back into the city centre for our second meal out of the day! Very indulgent!! A quick dash across the road and the use of some magic words and we had 'rush' tickets! $20.00 each instead of $45.00!!!!! Love it!!

Now my personal journey with JC Superstar commenced in 1972 when the first Australian production of the concept album was performed as a 'concert' at Memorial Drive Tennis Courts on a warm March night. My dad took me and I remember being hooked. I bought the double album in Canada later that year. Happily, for me anyway, it came with the libretto so it was not long before my keen 12 year old brain had committed the entire thing to memory. How many times did I treat my family to a complete rendition of the show with me singing every part (except Mary Magdalene...she was so wussy.....I favoured Judas' part myself!)?

And lucky, lucky BA and her friend.....I still remembered every word!

I didn't see the fully fledged stage show, mounted here at the same time as the show premiered on Broadway and in the West End, but I did see the 1972 movie. I LOVED that! This was the BA's first introduction to the piece and she was favourably impressed. Her worldly mate had seen it once before but claimed to get 'so much more out of it' the second time around.

So, what did I think? Well, the production was by the Gilbert and Sullivan Society and that showed in the choreography and general movement. It was a little static. But the music was wonderful, chorus were great and leads very solid. Jesus especially, played by Luke Kennedy (you'll hear more of this young man I predict) was a standout. The use of steel prefab building materials and an urban setting added to the atmosphere although I had a slight problem with Jesus being wheeled on in a shopping trolley instead of a donkey. Guess it makes sense.....?

We drove home with me singing all the songs for the BA's amusement and then spending the best part of the night watching clips of the movie on youtube. All in all a very successful Day of Distraction!

The School Board, Uniting Church and the 'Boys School Down the Road' are in talks this week. We are hanging by our fingernails to hear their proposal for the school. It's pretty clear that this is our only option.

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Mid sis said...

I remember seeing the movie with you and Dad and just at the most tearjerking point in the Garden of G he piped up "will you look at the beautiful cross bedding in that"! Gotta love him! I also remember all the words- lucky husband - innocent comments of "what do you mean?" lead to "you'd crucify your King? We have no King but Caeser etc" and we have you to thank (and don't forget Ian Gillan).

Arizaphale said...

Mid Sis: hahahah! I bet your husband loves it when you sing 'we have no king but ceaser' back at him. HAHAHAHAHHA. Sorry, I'm just picturing it! Cracks me right up!!!
I keep breaking into "Where do we start with a man who is bigger, than John was when John did his baptism thing?" the BA thought that was hilarious.

headbang8 said...

Prove to me that you're no fool. Walk across my swimmin' pool.

Herod, perhaps, had a point.

headbang8 said...

Just teasing.

Arizaphale said...

'Prove to me that you're divine...change my water into wine...."

Now THAT's why I like the guy!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out with BA and meeting up with your friend. I think you definitely needed a stress reliever day. Hope things get going better with the school, though. :(