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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Let the Sunshine In

Alright. Enough with the negativity Arizaphale.

After my initial kneejerk, emotional reaction I have regrounded and am resolved to look for a way forward in everything. I am sure the lady in question did not make her decision lightly and I am sure she will cop a lot of flack, as we say here in Aus, from small minded people like me.

So let us put it behind us today and deal with the here and now.

Currently, the school is hemorrhaging enrolments as people panic and enrol elsewhere for next year. I must say this reaction bemuses me. They all cry about how much they love the school etc and the kids certainly don't want to go, so why the run? The other schools aren't going anywhere (if the truth be told they're probably sitting back and rubbing their hands!).

With the departure of the leader they had hoped would turn things around, the church is looking once more to the 'Boys School Down The Road' for a merger. But that is just today. Tomorrow may be a totally different story.

Meanwhile, we need to get on with life. Which is going to mean getting Miss Lily 'snipped' as there have been a few tomcats sniffing around!! if it's not one thing it's another :-D

At least I have an ice skating excursion on Friday!


Stacy said...

Hope your school gets some resolution with all that is going on. I hate to see things with such tradition close up shop, too. :(

arizaphale said...

Stacy it's all so awful. It's such a waste. Thanks for stopping by.

Maggie said...

Thinking of you and hoping that things are going to turn around for you soon...I can't imagine being in the position you're in...

Arizaphale said...

Maggie.....I have to keep putting it into perspective. No one has died....and yet it feels like.....