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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Straight From Rubbish Tin To You

Huh. In the space of two days it went from Spring to Summer and back to Winter again!

Here's the evidence of Summer. The sun came out, we opened the doors and the flies flew in >:-(
Fortunately I am a dead eye with the fly swat! There are 15 bodies in this fly graveyard. I was piling them up with a kind of sick delight.I am more deadly than 'the man with the can of Mortein'!
(Scroll down the link site and have a look at 1962)

First day back at school yesterday and the thermometer soared to 28C! The house was stuffy and unpleasant when we got home and I am reminded that the air conditioner is on its last legs. Today, a huge front rolled, we had rain and we're all back in jeans and jumpers. Still, at least I don't have to think about the air conditioner for a bit longer.

The BA has come down with a cracking cold since the departure of Middle Sis and I am keeping her at bay with garlic and crosses as I have NO time at all to be getting sick. This last term is a really intense one. Short and with many things to 'wrap up', I am going to be sparse on the blog front until at least December. But I can report my first week's 1kg weight loss!

Of course it was this which inspired me to cut out the unhealthy carbs and get back into exercising! When my Sis decides to do something....she goes the whole hog! Just look at the definition in those arms.
And isn't she glamorous? Here she is about to go and impress all those middle aged ladies at her 30 year school reunion!!!!!I've got a long way to go to catch her but to show I mean business I have taken to my 'half way between growing back and being a stupid looking mop on the top of my head' hair...with serious 'product'. I think it's called 'Dirty Rockstar' or something, which of course describes me perfectly (NOT!!!!!!) but anyway, here is my new 'look with attitude'.
I am trying to channel Meg Ryan.
Since the other day when I did this I have messed about a bit more and here is my more conservative 'work' version.

Even my (soon to be ex) Boss commented on it this morning!!

And just to finish off before I disappear into the Real Universe for another frazzled week of failing to meet deadlines, here is another example of the kind of thing I was bemoaning the other day. This delightful CD was on sale at the airport no less! Delightful! Still, at least they used the stars. A modicum of discretion.
Have a great week folks. See you at the other end of the marking, planning, writing and arm wrestling the BA into doing her homework!!!!!!!!


headbang8 said...

I think you'll find it's "Straight from rubbish tiP to you."

Louis was the handiwork of onetime adman and now famous novelist Bryce Courtenay. As was the incomparable Mr. Sheen.

Arizaphale said...

Granted. I won't change my title though as I have always sung 'tin'...( a bit like "scuse me while I kiss this guy..." Jimi Hendrix).
I didn't realise the father of my friend and neighbour Damon was the creator of Louie (no 's' mate). All Damon said (circa 1988) was that his dad was in advertising and had written a book recently!

Stacy said...

Yay on the 1 kg loss! Your sis does look all ripped, too. What a great motivator! :)

Love your 'do, too. Very cool!

Well, don't get too frazzled by your work load. Take some time to decompress.

LOL at that album cover, too. Oy!

Oh, and yes I got all that sewing done in one day. I was motivated to get something done since it had been WEEKS since I had sewn anything. :)

Mid Sis said...

Big sis - I love the hair and fab news on the 1kg - I start gym again tomorrow night. Bad news - ripped up sitting room floor to put down our beautiful new wooden floor and discovered dry rot and damp - at least 3 months worth of work - no sitting room until after Christmas - we are gutted - and so is the sitting room.... Nice news - saw lovely JS visiting Ma & Pa xx

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Wowee! You both look great! I think I need hair product too. And a haircut.

Arizaphale said...

Sis!!! Dry rot????? NOOOOOOOO!
Dislike >:-(
Glad you saw J! the other J mentioned that you might :-)
Hope you had a wonderful time.

headbang8 said...

Yes, I worked with BC in the late eighties. He was a big-time CD of George Patterson in Sydney, and I was a lowly CD of poor old Patts Adelaide. I think I got drunk that evening.

SSG said...

LOVE the hair! xxx