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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It's A Family Moment

Small Boy: Dad, dad, will you play a game with us tonight?
Himself: (disgruntled)...I dunno...what game?
Small Boy: Auntie Middle Sis and the BA and I want to play 'Smart Ass'
Himself: hurrumph. Well, I don't know....what do you want me to play for??
Small Boy: Oh dad! Because it's a 'family moment'.

Gotta love that kid!

(Is this not the most precious picture evah????...specially cos she is letting him use her ipod touch to play games on!....I know...it's the 21stC version of sharing toys. Kind of hard to believe they are not actually genetically related when you see them here.)

So Middle Sis arrived last Saturday!!! Do I sound excited? Cos I am!

She flew in at 6.40am (theoretically...she was actually 30 min early so I missed the arriving through the 'gate' shot) and we had a lovely breakfast on the banks of the Torrens.

Then, after a quick lie down she went off to a 30 Year Reunion for her class at school! That girl is a seasoned traveller! Since then we have been catching up with old mates,

enjoying the spring weather:

and just 'being' together. Friday we have set aside for SHOPPING!!!

I have been inspired by the Spring weather and my Middle Sis's recent impressive weight loss to try and take some control over my rapidly aging figure. I have cut out potatoes, rice and bread and for the last two mornings we have been down to the local Wittunga Botanic Gardens for serious walking and exercise! Once school goes back I will be restricted by drop off and pick up times for the Baby Angel but I hope to get to the gym more frequently than I do in the holidays (the gym is closer to work). I must say all the exercise is having a favourable impact upon my mood which was pretty black on the weekend. Or perhaps it is the weather?

The weather seems to have made everyone more amenable. Even the Anti Pet.

Hissing and spitting were kept to a minimum.

When I was going to pick up Middle Sis from the airport, the BA sighed to me that she wondered what it would have been like to have a sister. Augh. That kind of comment rips your heart out. I have always felt disappointed that I did not have any other children and I was just thinking how wonderful it was to have sisters, when the BA made this comment. Of course she quickly followed it up by saying that she was glad she didn't have to share me with anyone but still, it is a bitter pill to swallow when I know how much joy siblings can bring.

Here's the other one!

Wish you were here too!!

Love you gals!


Elisa said...

Reading about the seasons (which are not the same here) always throws me for a loop! :-)
As I sit here wrapped in a blanket - too stubborn to turn on the heater since it does warm up in here during the day - I'm thinking about buying long underwear for the football games and band competitions yet to come this season. brrrrr.....although autumn is beautiful with all the colors - SPRING is my most favorite season!!!

Have a great time visint with your sis!!!

Arizaphale said...

Yes, I think Spring is my favourite too. Summer is too hot for me nowadays. At least in Spring I can get out into the garden without being burnt.

carrie said...

now i miss my sister. :-(

but how wonderful that you are getting some good time with her.

and yes, it is amazing what that pesky exercise does for the body but mostly for the MOOD! :-) good luck on that endeavor.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Well, I never had a sister either and although, like her, I've wondered what it must be like, I've never, ever missed what I never had. (I do have a brother though, and for that I am so, incredibly grateful).

Very sweet post & the picture, yes! It IS hard to believe they aren't genetically related. Funny on the anti-pet! :-)

Anonymous said...

...And it is wonderful to know how much you all love each other.I am so proud of you all and feel quite blessed to have you

Arizaphale said...

And we to have you Anonymous...I mean...Mum! (click the button that says Name/URL...it's just above the anonymous button :-D)