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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Short But Very Sweet

The visit of my Middle Sister has raced by and we are alas once more bereft of her chiming laughter and sunny face.

After a frenzied day of shopping on Friday, we had to say a quick farewell to those friends we could (although many went unseen on this all too short visit) and dash to the airport on Saturday morning.

We had enough time for a cup of coffee in the beautiful Spring sunshine however and for Sis to exclaim in delight as a pair of lorikeets wheeled and spun between the blossoming trees in our dear friend's garden.
"Get a picture!" she squealed and I spent the next 10 minutes trying to get close enough to them without scaring them away! This was the best I could manage.

It's been a short but wonderful trip as it coincided with school holidays and meant we could spend most of our time together. The Baby Angel has revelled in the company of her hip, groovy aunt; and benefited from her generosity and fashionista purchases!!! (see below for new jacket!)

It's no cakewalk living so far from your loved ones and for our dear friends, whom we have known since childhood, every trip 'could be the last time'. We brush away such sombre thoughts on a bright, spring morning and instead make plans for Middle Sis's next visit in January!


Mid Sis said...

Just got home and enjoying some late summer weather - lovely blue sky and quite warm. Had such a wonderful time with you all and am missing everyone so much - what a fabulous visit even though it was too short! xxx

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I live close to lots of family but very far away from my parents and brother. Not fun!

Very pretty on the lorikeet! And glad you had a good visit.