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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Boy Meets Water Lilies

Last Sunday, with the advent of Spring (finally), we took Middle Sis and Small Boy to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Enroute, Small Boy piped up from the back seat,
"So what are we going to do there?"
"Just look around,"someone replied,"you know, have a walk..."
There was some silence and then he replied,
"I just don't get this walking around thing.....I mean, what do we DO?"
Middle Sis moved straight to the rescue,
"We'll get an ice cream."
"Oh!" he remarked, significantly brightened, "I like THAT plan."

Of course, once we arrived he was completely captivated by the meandering pathways, fountains and surprises around every corner. One of the newer additions to the gardens is the Water Lily House. None of us had seen it before and we were all mesmerised by the gigantic Amazonica
These enormous leaves can grow up to 7 foot in diameter!

The beautiful pale blue flower is the Egyptian Lotus or Blue Water Lily. Opening in the morning and closing at night, it was associated with the Sun God by the ancient Egyptians and can be found decorating many columns and tombs.

The enormous white blossoms of the Amazonica are closed tightly during the day, ready to open with their delicious pineapple scent at nightfall. The flowers of this amazing plant, are pollinated by beetles who enter the blossoms at night and are trapped inside as the petals close up during the day. The heat of the day is trapped within the flowers and means that the beetles can partake in an orgy of mating without expending too much energy and without having to eat half their body weight in foliage to keep it up. So to speak.

But the really weird thing was the bottom of the Amazonica leaves. They are covered with spikes! Strange, inside out Venus Fly Trap style growths also dotted the pool. It took us a few moments to realise that they were the new leaves unfurling!

This photo was taken moments before the BA nearly fell in the pool. Hmmmm Not sure that would have gone down well!

So, although the final goal was an ice cream, there was education to be had at the Gardens! And we got him away from the skate park for a day!!!


HipMomma said...


We have to use the ice cream thing too a lot.

carrie said...

i had to reread that - i thought BA really did fall in the pool! haaa!

i'm glad the ice cream trick worked and you all got to spend a lovely day (and get some great shots) there!

Prof J said...

You do realise that your husband's sailing crew member from last summer was responsible for all of the glass design on that pavilion. She's one clever engineer!

Arizaphale said...

Prof J: NO! did she??? must say that I was disappointed when she was unable to crew for him this year though. After all....that means I might have to do it!!!!

Carrie: No she didn't fall in. But it was close! what a klutz!

Hipmomma: Expensive isn't it?

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Neat! Sounds like a great time! Funny on the walking comment. :-) I also had to reread - like Carrie for a split second I also thought she had fallen into the pool!