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Friday, 16 July 2010

Team Up Thursday: Where I walk

Following on from Megan and Melody's theme: Where I Live, JoLyn and I decided to look around where we live and show you where we walk. I don't know how far from JoLyn's house her path is but I suspect not too far as I've seen the beautiful mountains she can see from her window. My path (on the right) is literally across the road. It's a bit deceptive because it looks so gentle and pastoral here when in actual fact it is about to drop off in a big way and carve its way down to the bottom of the Sturt Gorge at a calf wrecking gradient! You have to 'tack' along the path to get up and down it safely.

I love the difference between the vegetation in each photo. The green path in my shot is a winter phenomenon. In Summer that same path will be dust and the evergreen trees and shrubs around will be leeched of their intense green by the relentless sun.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of where we live and walk today on Team Up Thursday. As always, check out the offerings from everyone else at the flickrpool or by clicking over to
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Cara said...

I love these photos, make me want to take a walk. I like how you say the green is a winter phenomenon, I forget it's a different season there.

Amy Jo said...

I like your twist on Megan and Melody's idea. I know I say this often, but I so want to visit your part of the world. All of your photos just make me restless. But in a good way!

HipMomma said...

And so different from where I live where is so much more woody looking, not lush at all. Although it's more green lately cuz we've had rain. Nice dip, team. I love to see where people live.