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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

La Jeune Fille : The Kangaroo Island Episode

We have lately pointed out to Small Boy, that every photo we have of him consists of his making a stupid face. We comment on how this will make him feel in years to come. He is unmoved.
I digress.
When I left you we were on the ferry to KI and La JF was asleep.

That's our car in the depths of the ferry.

Stellar shot of the Small Boy who was at least awake and enjoying the ride!

On the first afternoon we forced La JF to attend a picnic on the Chapman River, one of Himself's fave places on the island. The BA gets creative with her photography.

Can you see what they are looking at? It is moi being silly and running in pseudo slow motion along the banks of the river. Here are the gang after we'd packed up the picnic and were about to set off for a walk to the beach. That must be why La JF is looking cheerful.

This is either the BA or I getting artsy with the beautiful, stark trees at the picnic spot. Lately she has taken to picking up my camera and snapping away. Not a bad thing I guess.

La JF making the hike to the beach. Note how her shoes are totally designed for bush/beachwalking.

But Oh lala! When she reached the beach...the excitement...the delight.....finally we had done something right!

Next we were off to the Cape Willoughby lighthouse.

I love these spectacular plants. I think they're called 'Red Hot Pokers'.

Well, at least someone was excited by the occasion.

We walked through the lighthouse museum at the Cape, where a very excited and possibly slightly Aspergersy lighthouse keeper, with a broad Scottish accent and a whiff of whisky about him, tried to engage La JF in talk of Frech 'phare'. I could have told him not to bother.

Then we made her climb these stairs to get to the highest point on the island where you get this view.

(You'll guess this one is an old one from the ages of BA and Small Boy. Mind you, his face pulling is still the same)

I think she's seen enough views. Not even the rainbow could cheer her up.
So it was back to the lovely hotel where we were staying in two self contained villas in a kind of jungle setting. The BA and La JF had one to themselves whilst Himself and I were billeted with the Small Boy. I passed the girls 'dorm' at one point to see the two of them snuggled up under a quilt on the pull out sofa bed, watching the big, flatscreen TV and eating crisps.

"Tu va bien?" I enquired.
"Oui," she grinned, "Tres bien!!"

If only we had known that was all she wanted :-D
More tomorrow!

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Sounds like a nice time! I like the excited picture!