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Friday, 9 July 2010

Team Up Thursday: Celebrate

Following along with Melody and Megan's theme : Celebrate, JoLyn and I bring you 'close up' and 'distant' celebrations.

Look at the stunning photo JoLyn took! She was at a birthday party where they were blowing bubbles and she caught this one just as it popped! Bubbles are such a lovely celebratory thing nowadays aren't they? So much less messy than rice or confetti! I am constantly awed by the way JoLyn can get so close to things like this and freeze minute moments in time.

My photo is from our January home fireworks spectacular. I think we were celebrating the fact that we had actually organised to have people over for a BBQ! I'm afraid my husband's work hours and demands mean that he is not often available for socialising. I personally think he prefers it this way :-) Still, when I do pin him down, he makes the effort and this is the result. He scrapes off dozens of sparklers and packs the powder into metal tubes which he then tapes to the pool fence. Another sparkler on the top as a fuse and then we retire to sit back and enjoy the show. I was pleased with the reflections I managed to capture here.

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Megan said...

sparklers and bubbles -- what a great combination!

hipMomma said...

Oh goodness, I just might be a little afraid at your house during celebrations! Love your pool though.

Oscar Zed said...


Tell us the next time Himself is scraping off sparkler powder and putting it into tubes. I'll be nowhere near your place!

Golightly said...

oh what a great team up! they work so well together!

Arizaphale said...

hipmomma and OZ: I know! I thought that when he first did it but I've seen it lots of times now and it's relatively safe. He uses Berocca containers (OZ will know what they are)and they just end up in a congealed lump.Quite effective really.