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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Of Paper and Pills

I managed to write this on Thursday but didn't finish it until tonight:
Ducking in this morning because Himself has done something nasty to his knee/leg and has asked me to take him to the doctors (It MUST be bad!). So I've had to bunk off work for a few lessons which has given me an opportunity to look st some blogs and to tell you quickly about my Year 10 lesson the other day.

I have given up on my Year 10s
(Exam Question: Here is some data on the number of fish eaten by Selma the Seal each day over a 60 day period. Is this data discrete or continuous?
Answer: continuous. Cos she just keeps eating.)

After 50% of them failed their mid year exam outright,
("let's look at this positively," said a colleague,"50% of them passed."
"No," I replied,"...48% passed and the other 2 % were borderline!")
I have decided to run a Stage 1 SACE Numeracy unit for this semester. It is a very practical series of tasks based on real life situations such as renting a house, running a car and paying off a loan.

The first task involves creating a spreadsheet to model the repaying of a loan. Once the formulae are entered you can change the interest rate, size and number of repayments in order to see what effect it has on the overall cost of the loan. The class have actually been pretty engaged in the task. I have no idea how much they have learned but they have been industriously entering numbers into the speadsheet so......fingers crossed!

Anyway, on Wednesday we reached the end of the lesson and I decided I would like to see the results of their efforts. With 5 minutes to go I said,
"OK everyone, put your name onto the spreadsheet and print it out for me."

There are 23 people in the class. There were 4 pages to each spreadsheet. There was one printer.

I cannot begin to describe the chaos which ensued.

I don't think I really understood the magnitude of my mistake until one of the girls came to me with three sheets of paper.
"Mrs A, this is all I can find of my assignment."
"But what happened to the other sheet? Can you not find it?
"Mrs A have you SEEN the mess over there?"

Note to self: create a system drop folder for electronic collection of future assignments;
pay for a tree to be planted to replace the ream of paper we wasted in multiple print outs of random pages of unidentifiable spreadsheets.

Live and learn.


Update: Himself has a torn cartilage in his knee. I suspect this was sustained during the climb to take these photos, although the symptoms did not set in for a few days.

In the usual way of men he has been dealing poorly with pain. He has been instructed to take 50mg of Voltarin (anti-inflammatory) every 8 hours as well as 500mg of paracetamol, a task which he is somehow finding difficult to manage. On Friday night he came to bed at his usual time of 2am and very quickly began to thrash about, moaning.

Me: What's the matter?
Him: Auurgh. The pain! It's really full tilt. I can't lie any way that's comfortable.
Me: How long since you took your last painkillers?
Him: Ummmmmmmmmm (sheepishly)......I had one at 2pm this afternoon.......
Me: WHAT? You should have had one hours ago!
Him: I know, but it wasn't hurting before.
Me: I don't suppose you thought to bring the tablets to bed with you?
Him: Ummmmmmmmmm
Me: (flings herself out of bed into the 2 degree air temperature, gets dressing gown and stomps off down the relatively long hallway to find the tablets, snorting impatiently.)

We had a discussion the next morning about the timing of his tablets. It was agreed that he needed to take them well before he came to bed in order to give them time to 'kick in' and enable him to rest comfortably.

Last night circa 2am:
Him: Moan, aarrrgh, moan, can't get comfortable etc etc
Me: You took your tablets didn't you?
Him: Yes, I took them 15 minutes ago.
Me: FIFTEEN MINUTES???? I thought we agreed you would take them 8 hourly and give them time to take effect before you came to bed???
Him: Well it wasn't hurting and I wanted to leave it as long as possible so I could get some sleep.
Me: fumes silently
Him: Moan, aarrrgh, moan, can't get comfortable etc etc Moan, aarrrgh, moan, can't get comfortable etc etc Moan, aarrrgh, moan, can't get comfortable etc etc
Him: (after another 5 minutes of this) I think I might need another tablet.
Me: What? How many did you take?
Him: Er, well, one.
Me: WHAT???????? The doctor TOLD you to take two!
Him: Well, yes but I am trying not to take too many and.....
Me: Please tell me that you brought the tablets to the bedroom, just in case.
Him: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Me:ARGH!(flings herself out of bed into the -2 degree air temperature, gets dressing gown etcetcetc)

Honestly. Exactly what had changed about his condition which would have lead him to believe he required less medication?? The knee is swollen for pete's sake! There are now pills stashed in the bedside drawers >:-(

I swear if men had babies, epidurals would be a sacrament.

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Oscar Zed said...

I think Himself may be suffering from a different complaint. Voltarin is a "non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drug" or NSAID.
The onset of gout must be considered if his knee continues to swell, and if he has stomach pains then he hasn't read the instructions to take the tablets with a meal or low-fat milk.

carrie said...

haaaaa haaa! never have truer words been spoken than that last line! babies. the whole lot of them!

Arizaphale said...

OZ: Nah...it's the cartilage. He actually doesn't drink enough to invite gout. And yeah...we know all about the food requirements of the Voltarin user....he's on the list for an arthroscopy knee clean out thing....

Maggie said...

Ouch! That doesn't sound fun at all...for EITHER of you!

Elisa said...

Hubby just had arthroscopy last Thursday and was back to work on Monday! No problems - feeling great!! His other knee was done about 18 months ago. He had a torn meniscus.

I know a great doctor if you need one! :-)

I know it isn't funny to you - at least not now - but that was such a classic tale and pretty darn humerous from my side of the world!

Hang in there.

Oscar Zed said...

Hey - at least get a uric acid analysis of any fluid aspirated from his knee. Or a blood test for uric acid levels to rule gout out.
My first experience with gout came after simply doing a few laps of a pool on a hot day without "warming up".

Arizaphale said...

Yes but OZ you drink like a fish as well as swimming like one :-)! Himself has now had an MRI and it appears there are various bits of bone and foreign bodies swimming about in the joint. I know you're going to say 'uric acid crystals' at me but none of the reports have indicated that so far....

Elisa said...

Perhaps they can drain some fluid while waiting for arthroscopy. Hubby had to wait on surgery until after the mission trip with our son. Dr. was able to drain fluid from knee and inject some lidocain. Gave him great relief for the time he needed it to.

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