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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sssshhhhhh. I Am Meant To Be......(pick something)

Augh. This blog posting gig is suffering badly this year. I am trying a little thing called 'time management', an experiment which is mostly failing due to facebook, but that is the main reason for my absence.

This year at school I am teaching Year 7 Maths, a newy, as well as Year 9 and 10 Maths and Year 11 Numeracy for Work and the Community. Year 8 Maths is also lurking in the wings but should be a swap for Year 11 in Semester 2 so I won't worry about it yet.

As always, something new lands on my plate every year and nothing is a simple case of 'trotting out last year's course'. I've never taught Year 7 Maths; in NSW where I trained as a primary teacher, we only went to Year 6. The Year 9s are not too bad although they are significantly worse than last year's bunch so everything is having to be slowed down and repeated; the Year 10s are an Applied class rather than a General (like last year) and Year 11 is a completely new course which we are running in order to get some of our worst babies through the new SACE (SA Certificate of Education) requirements of 'at least a C in maths'.

Don't start me on the SACE. It is basically an attendance certificate. A method of keeping kids out of the dole queue :-(.

The week away at Year 10 camp, 3 weeks ago, set me behind the 8 ball I'm afraid and I am still catching up with myself. Add to that; the BA's new school and new focus on schoolwork; Kidszone at church and an invitation from a network leader to join a new State Kid's Ministry vision group; sailing; my mum and dad trying to sell their holiday house here in Aus and the rest of regular, lifely things and you will see why my Time Management needs work.

But news! The Baby Angel has a JOB!!!!!! She has become the latest slave in the McDonald's chain-gang and spent an hour on her laptop last night, undertaking an online training package. With quizzes. Who knew?

Other BA news. School is going well. She is in the musical (Oliver), has joined the volleyball team (woeful but fun) and has been selected to swim for the school in the local interschool carnivals. The first one is tonight although I don't think she's going to do too well as she is full of cold and I can hear her coughing from the bathroom as I type. She played drums at church again last Sunday and is still enjoying her lessons although doesn't get enough opportunities for practice. (I still won't have a kit in the house.) Oh and her netball team are in the semi-finals this weekend. Hmm.....do you think she is taking after me in doing too much?

Himself is excited by the prospect of a new crew and frantically busy with work. After our wonderfully bonding sailing experiences I am resigned to once more passing him in the corridor as I wake and he goes to bed. I am trying a new regime which includes going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 5am to do school work. Unfortunately blogging got in the way this morning.

No 2 Son continues to vague his way through life. Conversation at the dinner table last night
Me: So, you did some washing I notice. Didn't you have to go to TAFE today?
Him: mumble mumble mumble, that lecture in the city.
Me: errr.....so did you go to the lecture in the city or not?
Him: I tried.
He did not elaborate and frankly, I was too confused to pursue the matter any further.
On the weekend he came upstairs from his pit and asked if I had any books on 'The Northern Renaissance'. Errr, surprisingly, no! Why did he need it?
"Well, I've done a visual critique on an artwork and I've just realised I have to include references to two books as well as the internet, so I just need a couple of titles."

Why doesn't he just google the titles? Might as well.

Must go and do WORK. It's 6.30am but it's my late start morning so I don't have to leave until 7.45am!!! Tonight at the swimming I am 'timing'. Will try to take pix of my girl........


Laine Moore said...

nice general update post :)

my first job was hungry jacks. How many hours a week is she doing? I hope not many, it numbs the mind! I remember trying to read Agamemnon by Aeschylus (homework) by sticking it against the microwave while dressing burgers.

natalie said...

Oh, my dear friend. We live parallel lives, I'm once again convinced. How we can live clear aruond the world from each other, be from different generations and still be so alike is scary.

Our week:
(the constant: TEACH ALL DAY)
Tuesday: afterschool until 5, rush home to prepare dinner, go to a play.
Wednesday: afterschool until 5, rush to church, go to grocery store to pick up snacks for publishing party at school on Friday.
Thursday: concert that evening
Friday: afterschool until 5, rush home to feed the family, host game night for some girlfriends (not to mention, pull of publishing party at school for my students and their parents!)
Saturday: photo shoot and baby shower.

Ahhhhh...I'm procrastinating. I'm supposed to be making a hat inspired by a Dr. Suess book for a hat parade at school tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure how that ties in to our curriculum, but the office demanded it, so it shall be done.

Suzer said...

Maybe you need some YOU time:

Arizaphale said...

Laine: Hours? don't know yet....can just imagine trying to read the classics whilst making hamburgers though. On second thoughts...no I can't :-)

Nat: we are certifiable. We know that don't we?

Suzer...thanks for the tip :-D

Stacy said...

Oh dear, you sound so busy! I hope life gives you a bit of a break soon. I know what being busy is like and eventually it just really wears you down.

Glad that BA is doing well in her new school. LOL at the McD's chain gang. Well, at least it will give her a little change in her pockets. :)

A Free Man said...

The BA is working at McDonalds?????? NOOOOOO. The poor child.

I have no problem with kids working. I started working when I was 15. But McDonalds? How about a nice job at a shop or Woolies or something?

Laine Moore said...

hey afm- I think a job in fast-food is an excellent first job, it teaches quickly and easily that education is not optional.

wait, maybe my multi-tasking in the kitchen is what got me fired. wait, I wasn't fired, my dad QUIT FOR ME when I told him how the 45 year old manager/pedophile was making passes at me, and my 22 year old co-worker (I was 16) tried to sell me a GIGANTIC brick of hash. (well, it was in Europe....)

.... maybe woolies is better!

Goodluck to BA!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Congrats on the job! But WOW, where does she find the time? I'm just about going crazy & all my gal has going is a job, one play, oh...and like three youth groups. And she wants to take a trampoline class...

Yeah. I guess they're both busy.