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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

With Or Without


Or without?

As it turned out I had to go 'without' for three days because after a little snooze on the long taxi drive home after the Ball, my glasses slipped off my lap and were lost on the floor of the taxi. Unfortunately, feeling around in the back of a dark taxi with no glasses on is not conducive to finding said item. Fortunately the taxi driver was kind enough to give me his number and I was finally able to pick up my glasses from the local police station today. It has been an uncomfortable few days.

So the vanity which caused me to remove my glasses for this shot was my downfall. And in the end I think I like the 'with' picture better anyway!!!!


HipMomma said...

You are so lovely with or without. But I like those frames. I think I would even chose them.

JustJessie said...

Oh, ew! I don't even like to feel around in my own car's floorboards in the dark.
I'm glad you got your glasses back! I think you look beautiful in both pictures, but you're right, the "with" pic is gorgeous. :)

Mid Sis said...

When I first read this and looked at the pictures I thought it mean't "with" or "without" the husband! NOW I get it!!!! You're looking as gorgeous as ever lovely girl. xxx

Stacy said...

You look great both with and without! Sorry to hear you lost them.

When I had glasses I wouldn't usually take them off for pics, but I would wear contacts on the rare "night out". Now that I have had Lasik surgery done...I'm so happy to not have to mess with them anymore. Our poor kids are doomed since we both had glasses. I'm just waiting for their first pairs.

A Free Man said...

Were you in your cups on the night you lost your glasses?

I thought you were talking about with or without husband as well. Slightly confused!