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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Life Whilst Not Posting

This is the centre of my life at the moment. This is why I haven't been regaling you with witty, insightful posts; creasing you up with hilarious stories of my attempts to impart algebra to the heathens; uploading pictures of my beautiful daughter or dropping pearls of wisdom on the perils of parenting the Y Generation.

This is my raison d'etre for the 1st- 6th May. Actually, it doesn't look that full considering the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into it.

Let me share with you the before shots. Observe, behind our shed. Did you catch that? No? Here, have a closer look.

And here is the after......Well done Husband!

But I was working too....

Here is the newly cleaned out compost heap which had 'grown' over that pile of bricks and extended out past the steps. I informed Himself that if he ever dumped grass clippings over a pile of bricks again I would introduce him to a brick at slightly closer quarters!!!!

Himself did work very hard though, including clearing a rubbish bin load of bark and twigs off these steps.
The next job we are tackling is the BA's bedroom. I don't think it will be finished in time for her birthday on Friday (14!!!! augh!!) but we have made inroads. At least she can get to her bed now and fit her knees under her desk :-) More photos of that when I have some 'afters'.

I am really aware that I posted some 'befores' of the 'Guest Room' (which was the bedroom of No2 Son before we did it up), and then never got final pix of it posted before he moved back in and started to trash it again :-(

Hopefully the BA's room will become a finished project before she starts to work her 14 year old magic on it again :-)


Elisa said...



Good luck with the BA's room. I hope to get my DD's presentable for her graduation party and I don't expect it to be that way again until she heads off to college. :)

A Free Man said...

Phew 14. I thought it was 14, but bought her a birthday card emblazoned with 14 and then was convinced that she was turning 15.

SSG said...

you're putting us to shame, I really want to do some tidying/cleaning sorting now. I kinda relax when everything is neat and tidy, I think i have some control issues...

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Wow! Big job!!!!!!!! You've still seemed pretty prolific on the blogging front though! :-)