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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Snuggling With Animals

Couldn't resist this shot. Hard to believe that sweet little face is capable of such mayhem!!!!

Pippin (the large cat) never gets a moment's peace. The minute he strolls in the door (actually, he now skulks through the door looking furtively around) she leaps upon him. He hisses. She stalks him. He growls. She leaps to high ground and swipes at him from above. He is thoroughly miserable. He can't even eat his food without Morticia stalking and biting his tail!!

Himself, who prior to the arrival of Morticia was Pippin's greatest critic (it was he who coined the term 'The Anti Pet') is now his greatest defender.

"That little cat needs to leave him alone! She needs to be disciplined not to attack him all the time!!! Poor Pippin. He's never allowed inside (not true: he chooses to absent himself) he used to have the run of the place and now he's got to wait for people to open doors for him. He's taken to sleeping under the tree!!! He's turning feral! SOMETHING should be done about that little cat!!!!"

"Yes dear."

And of course it doesn't help that Morticia's favourite sleeping place is in his chair. Himself's chair that is. The office chair that he occupies day and night. When it's vacant ;-)


"Yes dear."


Brittany said...

These cats are so funny. I love to hear their stories! Sounds like they've taken over the house!! ha ha.

Maggie said...

That is too funny. At least Morticia and Pippin aren't fighting -- actual cat fights would be the worst!

Arizaphale said...

Unfortunately Maggie, Pippin IS fighting on a regular basis with some local interloper in the garden. Last night I was out there spraying them both with the hose. >:-(