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Youth is wasted on the young.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Phrase Friday

Just when you think they are 'all growed up'....

Heard this morning.

(knock knock)

Me and Him: (from the warmth of a sleep in)
Come in.

Small Boy: (brandishing a good ole fashioned six
shooter) Stick 'em up!!!

Himself: (pitifully holding his hands up)
But I didn't do it!!!

Small Boy: (pauses, puzzled) Didn't do what?

* sigh* I guess there aren't enough cowboy movies on nowadays.


Christina said...

hahaha! Ahhh, the innocence!

natalie said...

That's HILARIOUS! What a sweet innocence-don't we all wish that for our children??? Thanks for linking! You did a great job!

A Free Man said...

You've got to get rid of that rat tail. Maybe an scissors 'accident'?

carrie said...

quick...get him a john wayne movie! that is funny....