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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

This Is It Folks, Over The Top

Thank you to all those who wished me well and are eagerly awaiting news of 'the first day back'. Mondays are always better than most days because I have my mainstream History class and I was able to happily congratulate them on their exam results. Did I mention that half of the class got B and above??? Today will be the killer because
a) the Maths classes start again
b) I haven't finished marking their exams and can't really be bothered as they are going to be so awful (the few I sampled before the hols assured me of that) and
c) I went to bed last night and didn't do the thorough prep which assures me a good lesson; actually who am I kidding, even thorough prep doesn't ensure anything with these guys :-)


Wish me luck for today!!


A Free Man said...

Good luck for today. If it goes pear shaped just knock some heads together.

Maggie said...

GOOD LUCK! Have a GREAT first day!

Brittany said...

Gooood luck!!! :)

ktjrdn said...

I hope it went well, or is going to go well. I have no idea what time or day it is there right now. For all I know, this happened last week :)